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126 Holiday Gift Baskets to Ring in Your Annual Celebrations

If there are occasions we look forward to, they are most definitely the holidays! Since special events like these are opportunities to hangout with family and friends, we get to exchange stories, laughter, and presents. These are what make good memories in the years to come.

We have curated holiday gift baskets to be part of these cherished moments – because good times call for great food! Let festive cheer follow you and your loved ones all year round with timeless selections that gets everyone talking and munching. Nothing brings people closer than delicious gourmet pairings. ?

Click on a collection below and start your holiday shopping!


Christmas Gift Baskets

Hanukkah Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets for New Year

Thanksgiving Gift Baskets

Here are specialized collections for a more professional and personal touch:

Gift Baskets for Corporate Giveaways

Gift Baskets for Pets & Their Fur Parents

Christmas Gift Baskets

The most wonderful time of the year is best celebrated with food for sharing! For the season of giving, check out these themed packages you can tag along for intimate dinners, get-togethers with your friends, holiday family reunions, and other Christmas traditions. Go make someone jolly with each basket!

Gourmet Grandeur

Greet loved ones the best of the holidays with this generous gourmet gift basket of artisan-flavored delicacies perfect for sharing over lovely catch-ups, hearty laughter, and intimate meals. Get the celebrations started when you enter a gathering with this grand collection of crowd favorites!


Vineyard Gourmet Wine-Themed Christmas Gift

Here’s something elegant and gourmet for the people closest to your heart – this Christmas gift basket of scrumptious wine pairings will be this season’s delight! Gather your family and friends near the fireplace and enjoy exchanging stories over glasses of award-winning Wine Glacé and bites of caviar, wine cheese, biscuits, and other picks. You can also opt to impress bosses, clients, and colleagues with such a refined taste in gifts!


Wine Country Holiday Bountiful Gift Basket

Indulge your family, friends, colleagues, and even clients in the smooth and suave flavors in this holiday gift basket. The artisan collection features the award-winning Wine Glacé along with gourmet wine cheese, classic crackers, caviar, and other delightful pairings with fine liquor. Cheers to more memorable Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other celebrations!


Gourmet Glory Holiday Gift Basket

Anyone in your shopping list will be in awe of the gourmet picks in this holiday gift basket! Classic cookies, candies, a variety of nuts, delicious pastries, and assorted artisan snacks are great pairings to go with coffee with family and friends after that filling Christmas dinner. Thoughtful choice for corporate giveaways too!


Fine and Fancy Gourmet Gift

This fine and fancy gourmet gift will be warmly received by friends and family. Beautifully packaged in a sleek black tray, it includes chocolate-covered pretzels, Lindt chocolate truffles, chocolate chip cookies, Almond Roca, truffle cookies, smoked almonds, a Ghirardelli chocolate, rolled pastry cookies, cheese & crackers, biscotti, gourmet butter toffee pretzels, and more.


The Italian Home

Make loved ones experience Italian cuisine at the comfort of their own homes. Filled with wine and pasta pairings plus other gourmet selections, holidays, get-togethers, visits to your folks, and other occasions will be delizioso!


California Fruit and Cheese Box

Give your loved ones and friends a gift of healthy options to show them how much you care! This Kraft box filled with guiltless goodies is perfect for holidays, get-well visits, presents to show gratitude, or even simple welcome packages – a good idea for corporate giveaways too!


Off the Vine Gift

Let everyone in on your classy tastes with this golden premium gift basket! Filled with decadent wine pairings such as cheese, pastries, classic crackers, and other gourmet picks, wine night with family and friends will be one for the books with the award-winning Wine Glacé! How about sending this to clients and business partners too?


BASKET – Ultimate Holiday Chocolate-Covered Gift Basket

Can’t decide on which goodies will make it to your loved ones’ home for the holidays? How about ALL! This ultimate holiday gift basket is teeming with assorted treats hand-dipped in luscious Belgian chocolates – from cookies, pretzels, mallows and more. Both kids and the young-at-heart will definitely love this sugary fix!


Fruit Abounds

Wishing someone good health, longevity, and all the good things is the highest of holiday cheer! Greet family, friends, and loved ones with a gift of bountiful selections like fruits, cheese, and other delicious complementary munchies for wine. Also doubles as get-well care packages!


Deluxe Dinner Holiday Gift

Bring the merriest cheer to the dinner table with this holiday gift basket perfect for your intimate gatherings this season. Family, friends, and even clients or colleagues would love these thoughtful gourmet additions of sweets, treats, and simple meals to their Christmas feast!


First Impression at the Holidays

Aesthetically pleasing in sleek shades of black and gold, compliment someone with something as exquisite as your taste with this holiday gift basket! Gourmet picks like caviar, smoked salmon, cheese, chocolates, and other artisan selections will surely impress even the most picky palates of your family, friends, clients, and colleagues. What a way to bless someone’s table in the season of giving!


Screaming Skittles Christmas Care Package

Any kid (and young-at-heart) will go gaga over this Christmas gift box of classic childhood favorites! This package is brimming with yummy Skittles and Starburst assortments that are as festive as the holiday cheer. Surprise your children, nephews and nieces, and even the not-so-young ones with this delightful present!


Holiday Home Style Gift

Celebrate the warmth of the most joyous season with this holiday gift basket that is reminiscent of home. Scrumptious cookies, a variety of nuts, gourmet snacks, and a delectable spaghetti mix are perfect picks for surprising family, friends, and loved ones during the holidays!


Old Fashion Christmas Gift

Mix brand new winter memories in this adorable stoneware batter bowl! Bake scrumptious bites with the family with a cookie kit seen on TV’s Shark Tank and pick up the tray with a themed pot holder. Such a classic way to spend the holidays – and you can send this Christmas gift set to your loved ones too!


Dad’s Manly Must Haves Gift

Show the man of the hour how much you support his love for the great outdoors with this themed present! This gift basket for Dad is teeming with gourmet treats he can pack along for his fishing trips and adventures with his best mates. Thoughtful choice for birthdays, Father’s Day, or days when you feel like expressing appreciation.


Christmas Gourmet Taste Gift

Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in all its sophistication with this gourmet Christmas gift basket! Filled with classy picks like caviar, scrumptious chocolate cookies, decadent cheese, and other artisan snacks, your family, friends, clients, and colleagues will look forward to indulging themselves in these selections.


Holiday Star

Bless someone’s table in the season of giving! This ornate holiday gift features an Italian spaghetti meal selection complete with sauce, pasta, and mozzarella cheese – good for 6 servings. Let’s not forget the luscious chocolate pastries that come with it!


Chili & Beer Bread Holiday Gift

Warm up those freezing holiday nights with this hot combo of classic chili and jalapeño beer bread! This holiday gift basket awaits to be delivered to your friends and relatives’ enjoyment – the perfect fireplace meal.


Holiday Napa Valley Chateau Gift

Nothing warms hearts other than the good company of the people you love over a few glasses of luscious wine pairings. Special wine spread, coffee blends, and classic crackers surround Wine Glacé, the Best New Drink Winner of the National Gourmet Food Show for 2005 and 2006. This holiday gift box makes for an elegant personal and professional surprise.


Holiday Manly Must-Haves Gift

A reminder of the great outdoors, let the men in your life in on a gastronomical surprise! This holiday gift basket is filled with manly favorites that go well with beer with his buddies or barbecue with the family. How about sending it to your dad, brother, or colleagues?


Classic Holiday Gift

Nothing beats indulging in classic Christmas favorites curated especially for the occasion! Let this holiday gift box fill your loved ones with gourmet goodness in the form of decadent cheese, artisan cookies, and other delicious picks to enjoy the occasion with. Great idea for corporate giveaways too!


Masculine Holiday Gift

How about this rustic holiday gift basket to surprise that special man in your life? This season of giving, make dad, hubby, or any guy close to your heart merry with an assortment of gourmet treats just for him! Luscious chocolates, smoked salmon, cookies, and other delightful bites are exactly what spells out happy holidays!


Family Style Meals Holiday Gift Basket

Here’s a holiday idea – go for hearty, homemade meals for the family with the contents of the holiday gift basket! Be merrier with classic gourmet comfort food like cooking soups, chili, and other warm bites perfect for the winter wonderland experience. Your relatives, friends, and even colleagues in your holiday list deserves nothing less!


Merry Christmas Gift

Be the coolest aunt or uncle when you visit your family over the holidays with this Christmas gift box! Play Santa and surprise kids with delicious cookies, assorted candies, and other enjoyable treats. Also a great choice for simple corporate giveaways!


Holiday Greetings Gift Basket

Spell it out for your family, friends, colleagues, clients, and anyone in your shopping list – this holiday gift basket will surely wish anyone a merry Christmas! Loaded with gourmet selections like cheese, nuts, cookies, caviar, smoked salmon, and other festive treats, there’s nothing like celebrating with these scrumptious treats for your celebrations!


Holiday Delights Gift

Looking for a simple yet elegant holiday gift box for your family, friends, and colleagues? This festive package comes with gourmet picks like decadent cheese, caviar, and cookies that make for awesome coffee or wine pairings.


Gourmet Taste Gift Basket

Give someone special a taste of your refined choices with this elegant, premium gift basket! Loaded with signature gourmet favorites, this package will surely impress family, friends, business associates, clients, and other intended recipients no matter what the occasion is. Luscious chocolates, decadent cheese, scrumptious cookies, and other artisan picks are excellent choices for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and life’s milestones.


Holiday Weekend in Italy

Get the kids excited for Christmas morning with these crowd-pleasers! Gourmet popcorn, ingredients for their favorite pasta, and other treats await them and their cousins for an extra fun holiday celebration. Perfect for gifts to visits to the family across the country.


BASKET – Deluxe Holiday Chocolate Gourmet Gift Basket

Get a gift as grand as your gesture! Have family and friends surround this exquisite tower of treats curated especially for the holidays. Assorted with rich Belgian chocolate-covered selections like cookie pops, barks, marshmallows, and fruits, your celebrations will be a whole lot sweeter and merrier!


Family Style Meals Gift Basket

Here’s a heartwarming gift idea – go for hearty, homemade meals for the family with the contents of this gift basket! Be merrier with classic gourmet comfort food like cooking soups, chili, and other warm bites perfect for the winter wonderland experience. Your relatives, friends, and even colleagues in your gifting list deserves nothing less!


Masculine Munchies Gift

There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal to a man’s heart. But California Smoked Almonds, Sorrento Chocolate Truffle Cocoa, and other gourmet favorites in this basket sound just as comforting. Whether it’s his birthday, a milestone in the office, or a simple thanks, you’ll never go wrong with a basket of exquisite munchies.


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Hanukkah Gift Baskets

Wish someone peace and love for the festival of lights with Hanukkah gift baskets packed with certified kosher treats like rich chocolates, scrumptious cookies, pasta marinara blends, and other savory bites. Perfect picks to bless family and friends who honor this sacred tradition.

P.S.: We also tossed in blue-themed gift baskets here that are not kosher, just to widen your options. Don’t worry, we tagged them as such to help you shop!

Bon Appetit Kosher Gourmet

Greet family and friends with this kosher gift basket of gourmet favorites! From Hanukkah, Purim, bar and bat mitzvahs, and other special Jewish celebrations, indulge someone with satisfying and snacks as thoughtful as you.


Blue Party Snacker

A little bit of everything! A perfect office share gift or for any occasion really this gift holds a variety of savory items for a crunchy, gourmet experience.


Shalom! Hanukkah Gift

Celebrate this Jewish season with a special Hanukkah gift box! Filled with certified kosher goodies to keep up with traditions, family and friends will surely be delighted to receive signature coffee, gourmet pasta mixes, and decadent chocolates. Wish peace and love all in one package!


The Kosher Snack Party

Here’s a fun kosher gift for couples on their new house, newborn, and even new challenges! The healthy coconut drink, whole grain fig bars, and delightful pretzel crisps inside will definitely boost spark them to power on!


Sweet Things Kosher

A chocolate lover to-die-for, this Sweet Things Kosher gift basket has everything from pretzels, brownies, and candies all covered with ? you guessed it ? chocolate! Surprise a sweet tooth in your life for their birthday, new milestones, or if you just want to be a bit sweet yourself.


Hanukkah Chocolate-Covered Oreo Cookies – 12 pcs.

Celebrate the festival of lights with these Hanukkah-themed Oreos! Smothered in rich Belgian milk, dark, and white chocolate and sprinkled with white and blue drizzles, loved ones will surely indulge in these delectable treats.


Kosher Snack Bucket

A health craze may come and go, but Kosher is forever. This snack bucket may look sinful. But don?t be fooled! It has dark chocolate with real fruits, gluten-free almonds, and a sparkling cider that will give them an alcohol-like jitter without the buzz.


Kosher Mini Snack

Thinking of bringing a charming addition to the picnic? Or does a serial-snacker in your fam deserve congratulations, thanks, or a keep-on-keeping-on? Send them this Kosher Mini Snack ? along with a thoughtful card, and you?ll be their favorite.


Ghirardelli Party

Ghirardelli has been a San Francisco landmark since the 1850s. Treat them to the best of the Ghirardelli tradition with this gift collection of distinctively tasty chocolates: creamy milk chocolate squares and chocolate caramel squares, and more!

This is not kosher.


COMBO – Hanukkah Trio Sampler

Make the festival of lights even sweeter with these delectable goodies for the whole family to enjoy! Indulge loved ones and friends with pretzels, crispy treats, and Oreo cookies doused in Belgian white, dark, and milk chocolate. Sprinkled with toppings and drizzles, everyone will surely dig in!


Ghirardelli Galore

They melt in your mouth with the delicious flavors of milk and caramel chocolate and Ghirardelli’s dark chocolates. 18 squares of Ghirardelli’s famous chocolates are arranged in this golden gift tin and hand-tied with a festive bow.

This is not kosher.


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Gift Baskets for New Year

Before the countdowns begin, indulge your people with gourmet delights that will end your year with a bang! Enjoy luscious chocolates, fine wine, assorted sweets, baked goodies, and other savory treats to make the celebrations last longer. Oh, we’ve added healthy selections to start the new year right, too!

Ultimate Golden Godiva Tower

Velvety chocolate abounds in this gold tower of Godiva riches. Our dazzling tower is overflowing with sumptuous chocolates for a truly spectacular treat. Satisfy that chocolate craving with an assortment of Godiva favorites, including chocolate truffles, chocolate-covered pretzels, chocolate-dipped nuts almonds, and more. It’s the height of indulgence.


Shimmering Gourmet Gift Tower

Tempt and treat them with a shimmering silver tower overflowing with gourmet sweets and savories! Each box is filled to the brim with tasty surprises, including Godiva truffles, cheese straws, and chocolate chip cookies. This is a gift designed to delight and is perfect for friends, family and colleagues.


The Party Crate

Get the happenings started when you show up with this crate filled with gourmet food! Delight party hosts and guests with scrumptious artisan selections and bottles of fine wine. Create meaningful mealtime memories during intimate gatherings, holiday dinners, corporate events, and other celebrations with family and friends.


Grande Wine Dinner

Shower someone with an elegant surprise with this prestigious wine gift basket! Family, friends, colleagues, clients, and the people on your gifting list can sip rich, fine wine from Chateau Ste. Michelle while enjoying decadent wine pairings such as gourmet cheese, crackers, sausages, and other artisan picks. To add more flavor to the occasion, have the recipients enjoy prime pasta-and-sauce choices. Also comes with preparation essentials for the perfect gathering. Make holidays and other intimate celebrations more memorable with this package!


Italian Dinner Tower

Give the gift of a fantastique dinner with this towering Italian beauty! A gourmet gift tower of pasta, sauces, oils, and other artisan essentials look and taste great for any intimate gatherings with the people closest to your heart. Good for both personal and corporate giftings too!


You Had Me At Merlot

Here’s a lovely idea for date nights, intimate gatherings, and special occasions – a wine gift basket featuring bottles of Merlot and Cabernet and gourmet pasta pairings! Good for both personal and corporate gifting.


The Godiva Sampler

Treat your loved ones, friends, employees, boss, special someone – you name it – to the luscious goodness of chocolate by Godiva. The sampler gift basket will give the recipient a taste of heaven in every bite of the signature assorted treats by the famous chocolate expert. In fact, you should definitely have one for yourself too!


Oh Darling! Pinot Noir Wine Gift

Celebrate with the people closest to your heart with this wine gift basket! Raise these 2 darling glasses and fill it with Pinot Noir for moments you don’t want to forget. Perfect for anniversaries, holidays, special occasions, and even simple date nights with that special someone. Don’t forget to add on any of our delectable wine pairings!


Chocolate Delights Basket

Give them what they really want with this gorgeous basket of chocolate delights. A rustic lined wire basket overflows with a sampling of decadent goodies.


California Snack Sampler Gift

Hand over this pristine package of gourmet snacks that will instantly delight celebrants, party guests, and other intended recipients. Classy and convenient choice for you on any special occasion, holidays, visits to loved ones, and even as corporate gifts to clients. And here’s an idea – how about one for yourself?


Majestic Godiva

Make a grand entrance to any celebration with this Godiva gift basket! With irresistibly rich and delicious chocolates to satisfy sweet cravings, what’s a birthday, anniversary, and life milestones without her majesty? Also makes a great corporate giveaway for clients and partners, right?


Premier Wine and Cheese Selection

Give the taste of premium liquor with this holiday gift basket of fine wine and cheese pairings! Raise your glasses and exchange stories after the holiday dinner over an assortment of artisan wine cheese, crackers, sweet treats, and other gourmet picks. Great choice for either personal or corporate gifting!


California Fruit and Cheese Box

Treat them to the fabulous tastes and flavors of California! Give the gift of the Golden State in a classic gift box that holds fresh fruits and delicious sweet and savory gourmet snacks.


Golden Delights Gift

Something classy for the people you care about! This premium gift basket is filled with gourmet picks that will indulge even the most refined palates. Smoked salmon, cheese, caviar, cookies, chocolates – name it – holidays, special occasions, and birthdays will become golden moments with this!


Godiva Milk Chocolate Expressions

Godiva milk chocolate is famous around the world for exquisitely rich, silky smooth milk chocolate. For the milk chocolate lover in your life, this premium assortment is sure to delight.


Golden Delights Holiday Gift

Sleek and filled with artisan flavors to impress the most sophisticated palate, this holiday gift basket is a statement in itself! Give loved ones, colleagues, and clients something as exquisite as your taste for the festivities up ahead – great additions to their dinner table!


California Fruit and Cheese Box

Give your loved ones and friends a gift of healthy options to show them how much you care! This Kraft box filled with guiltless goodies is perfect for holidays, get-well visits, presents to show gratitude, or even simple welcome packages – a good idea for corporate giveaways too!


Classic Gourmet Gift

Nothing beats the classics – especially gourmet cheese, popcorn, crackers, and snack mixes! The delectable contents in this premium gift basket are available for the indulgence of any recipient you wish, be it for personal or corporate gifting. Loved ones, clients, and even colleagues will find the giver of this elegant package worthy of an appreciation!


First Impression Gift Basket

Aesthetically pleasing in sleek shades of black and gold, compliment someone with something as exquisite as your taste with this premium gift basket! Gourmet picks like caviar, smoked salmon, cheese, chocolates, and other artisan selections will surely impress even the most picky palates of your family, friends, clients, and colleagues. What a way to bless someone’s table!


Making Memories Gift

Start new family traditions over the holidays and other special occasions with this premium gift basket. Arranged elegantly in its rustic base are classic favorites such as scrumptious cookies, decadent chocolates, and other gourmet finds loved ones will indulge right in on. Plus, a stoneware batter bowl comes with this classy package – good for family heirlooms!


Gourmet Gold Gift Tower

Surprise someone close to your heart with a gift as grandiose as your love! Six boxes of this elegant golden gift tower is stacked and filled with gourmet delights that will indulge family and friends on any occasion! Every layer aims to please with chocolates, nuts, popcorn, and cookies – lovable by all ages!


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Thanksgiving Gift Baskets

Now these are definitely something to be thankful for! Match the beautiful colors of fall with delicious flavors for your Thanksgiving feasts. As you share what you’re grateful for this year, pass around choice meat, decadent cheese, pastries, sweets, and curated drinks that go well with the turkey!

Sparkling California and Artisanal Delights

An array of California artisanal foods are featured in this generous California Delicious gift box, perfect for family, friends or clients. Gourmet treats from throughout the state will please any palate. They will enjoy a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling cider, cheese straws, California nuts, cheese & crackers, and more.


The Artisan Series: Estates

For the holidays, anniversaries, and other special occasions, why not carry along this wine gift basket to indulge family and friends to gourmet delights? With Pinot Noir paired with artisan treats, raise your glasses to celebrating life’s best moments!


Savory Favorite Meat and Cheese

Treat your family or friends to the perfect meat and cheese basket. A unique rustic round tray bears all the best from Hickory Farms, including a variety of cheese and sausage complemented by delicious crackers and mustard. What an easy way to create appetizers for the party.


California Artisanal Gourmet

Add some California lovin’ to someone’s table by bringing sweet and delectable treats to the people you want to send your love and thoughts to. Not just for family and friends, this gift box is an excellent choice for holidays, special occasions, corporate giveaways, and even raffle prizes!


Thanks a Million!

Send thanks and appreciation with this elegantly presented basket of treats. Each charming basket contains French truffles, Cashew Roca, savory cheese & crackers, and other delightful snacks.


Favorite Gourmet Treats Holiday Gift

Excite the exquisite palates of your loved ones with the gourmet goodies in this sleek holiday gift basket. Artisan cheese, decadent chocolates, scrumptious cookies, and other delicious bites are waiting to be enjoyed over the holiday festivities. How about this gift idea for your colleagues and clients?


Deluxe Meat & Cheese Wooden Gift Crate

Take the picnic to the next level with this delightful gift. A rustic wooden crate holds a delicious sampling of gourmet treats including California nuts, tasty dried fruit, cheese spreads, sweet & mustard, snack mix, and three flavors of sausage & salami. Fabulous!


The Artisan Experience

Impress anyone – even those with the most pickiest palate – with the ultimate artisan experience! This gift basket for foodies is any gourmet enthusiast’s dream come true: wine cheese, Brazilian honey, beef summer sausage, artisan crisps, beer mustard, a variety of nuts, and other delectable choices make for no-brainer packages to send warm holiday greetings to family and friends, a thank-you gesture for colleagues and clients, and days when you just want to send someone a dose of your refined tastes!


Delightful Decadence Desert Gift

This tasteful and tantalizing gift is a dream come true for sweet-tooths everywhere. A classic basket comes brimming with tasty treats, including Ghirardelli chocolate, caramel popcorn, and more!


The Wine Zone

Get in the zone with family and friends over fine wine! Share glasses Moscato and Pinot Grigio over savory gourmet pairings such as cheese, mixed nuts, wine sticks, and other delights to enjoy while making hearty conversations. Celebrate holidays, birthdays, and special occasions with something festive as this!


Golden Chocolate Sampler

Present them with this special gift and they will never forget it. A shiny gold tin sparkles and shines and is filled with sweet chocolate goodies, including a bag of Godiva truffles, Ghirardelli milk chocolate, gold chocolate stars, and crunchy, sweet biscotti. All tied with a classic gold bow.


The Gourmand’s Gourmet Gift Basket

The gourmet lovers in your life will certainly go gaga over these healthy selections! Good for any occasion such as Thanksgiving, housewarming parties, intimate dinners, and even simple gatherings, this gourmet gift basket will definitely be a crowd-pleaser!



Thinking of the best way to express your heart-felt gratitude to someone you love? How about this thank you gift basket of delectable gourmet goodies that only aims to please? Decadent cheese, almonds, a variety of cookies, and other artisanal snacks can’t just wait to make any recipient feel rewarded!


Gourmet Taste Gift in Fall

Celebrate the wonderful colors of fall in all its sophistication with this premium gift basket! Filled with classy gourmet picks like caviar, scrumptious chocolate cookies, decadent cheese, and other artisan snacks, your family, friends, clients, and colleagues will look forward to indulging themselves in these selections.


Godiva Connoiseur Gift Basket

A fabulous array of the best of Godiva sure to please everyone. They’ll enjoy an assortment of favorites from Godiva, including truffles, biscuits, chocolate bars, and more.


Ultimate Meat & Cheese Wooden Gift Crate

Spread a blanket and feel the warmth of a sunny day when this fabulous gift arrives! A rustic wooden crate holds a delicious sampling of gourmet treats including California nuts, tasty dried fruit, a bottle of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, an assortment of California cheese spreads, mustard, dried fruits and nuts, and three flavors of sausage & salami. Fabulous!


Home Style Gift

Your loved ones can get a taste of home with the gourmet contents of this premium gift basket. Here to grant family and friends some warm and comforting food are pasta blends, cookies, snack mixes, and other artisan treats. Perfect for holidays, visits, wishing someone back to good health, and even for extending sympathies.


Holiday Gourmet Gold Gift Tower

Make a stunning entrance to your holiday celebrations with this grand gift of gourmet goodies! Dazzle party hosts, family, friends, and colleagues with this holiday gift tower filled with an assortment of yummy cookies, nuts, decadent chocolates, candies, and artisan popcorn. Definitely looks good on the Christmas table or beside the tree!


Fresh Fruit Greetings

Send greetings to family, friends, and co-workers with this colorful and delicious selection of 8 pieces of fresh seasonal fruit, cheese & crackers, California almonds, sausage, cookies, and snack mix. There is a little healthy something for everyone to enjoy.


Fruit and Chocolate Classic

Overflowing with mouth-watering fruit and chocolate this crate includes a mouth-watering assortment of California’s finest chocolate bars by Chuao that will pair perfectly with fresh seasonal fruit, all bursting from a rustic crate. This gift is sure to make anyone’s day.


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Gift Baskets for Corporate Giveaways

Have clients, employees, and colleagues bring a package full of treats to their families for the holidays with these corporate gift baskets! A merry mix of signature chocolates, confectionary goodies, drinks, and snackables is the perfect way to make your people feel appreciated and affirmed for all their hard work this year.

For The Whole Gang

This bountiful basket is big enough for the whole crowd. Satisfy their cravings with our incredible collection of Ghirardelli chocolate squares, cheese straws, mustard, hot cocoa mix, and more. You’ll receive kudos from the entire crew!


Black Tie VIP Elegance

For any special occasion, give this classy gourmet gift filled with everything they desire. An ornate gold basket holds decadent treats such as Godiva chocolate truffles, creamy cheese spread, mouth-watering wafers, and much more.


In Good Company

Enjoy great company by sending a basket full of treats! They’ll delight in chocolate-covered cookies, Ghirardelli chocolate squares, savory nuts, and so much more.


Classic Gourmet Salami & Cheese

A sleek black box holds a grand gourmet picnic that is perfect for that special event, heartfelt thank you, or sincere congratulations. Our opulent selection of flavorful snacks includes California smoked almonds, cheese and crackers, a cheese knife, and much more.


Office Delights

You’re the boss. You can send the perfect gift filled with tempting sweets and savory delights, everyone on your gift list will be overwhelmed. This basket features Ghirardelli chocolate, Jelly Belly jelly beans, salami, crackers & cheese, and many other delights. Enjoy!


Business Gift

Give someone a glimpse of your impeccable taste with this elegant corporate gift basket that suits a CEO. From caviar, gourmet salmon, to chocolates and cheese selections, this high-end package is a classy token of appreciation for clients, colleagues, delegates, and other stakeholders.


The Vino Office Party

Wish the best of the season to your team with this wine gift basket filled with curated goods that make the holidays another one for the books! Along with 2 bottles of chardonnay, delicious pairings such as cheese, crackers, and other savory goodies are meant to be shared over hearty laughs and good conversations. Great for family gatherings, corporate giveaways, and as presents for the many social groups you’re planning to meet.


Executive II

Here’s to winning presentations and closing deals! Mark these victorious events with a toast of deluxe champagne and a promise of bigger ventures. Our Executive II gift set is exquisitely showcased by a chic black box and tied by a classic red ribbon for a flawless look.


Executive Selection Gift

For your business associates, bosses, colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders, this elegant corporate gift basket is filled with gourmet treats that aim to please! Premium in taste, show them your refined tastes with an exquisite package as a token of appreciation, holiday giveaway, or a job incentive.


Cameron Hughes Chard

Keep socials, holidays, and intimate gatherings classy with this wine gift basket of Cameron Hughes Chardonnay. With artisan pairings like dips and biscuits, catch up with family, friends, or colleagues over glasses of fine wine.


Amazing Admins

They are the real boss right? Take care of those who take care of you. We have included a “write it off” pen cup, small journal and pen, a catchall tray, chocolate covered Oreo cookies, truffles and candied pecans for some sweets.


Executive I

Show your generosity and close that deal with this Executive gift. The classic black box handsomely displays Kendall-Jackson?s Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay along with a variety of high-end snacks. It is well-finished with a gold ribbon signifying a promising business venture.


Kendall Jackson Mini

A gorgeous presentation for this mini bottle of Kendall Jackson cabernet sauvignon.


Gift Baskets for Pets & Their Fur Parents

Let’s get more personal with the people in your gifting list who are just head-over-heels for their four-legged buddies! Tug them right in the heartstrings with snacks for them and their fur babies can share over special occasions. No worries – we have gift baskets for both cats and dogs!

Holiday Pizza Pals Dog & Owner Gift

For your visits to the family across the country over the holidays, make sure you have a little something for everyone – even the loyal pooch! This holiday gift basket is a splendid idea to bond over – home-style pizza ingredients, cheese, chocolates, and other gourmet snacks await your relatives while the furry friend enjoys bark-tastic dog treats.


Merry Christmas Dog & Owner Gift

Tucked in this Christmas gift box are scrumptious gourmet cookies for both fur parent and pooch to enjoy over this season of giving. The dynamic duos in your gift list are sure to love this barking unique selection!


Friends Forever Holiday Dog & Owner Gift

The dog lovers on your gift list will surely have their pooches barking at the sight of this special Christmas gift basket! Both fur mommy or daddy and pup get to indulge in assorted treats such as cookies, candies, and other yummy bites for the holidays.


Many Thanks Dog & Owner Holiday Gift

You know the feeling if you’re a dog lover! Receiving a gift not only for you but also for your furry buddy just shows how thoughtful the gift giver is. Make your family and friends – and their pets – feel the same with this Dog and Owner holiday gift basket. It’s saying thanks in the most heartfelt way.


Christmas Joy for Dog and Owner

Have the dog lovers in your life fall in love with the treats in this Christmas gift box for them and their beloved pooches! The holidays got a whole lot merrier with treats for both pet and owner – definitely a package to bond over!


Forever Buddies Holiday Care Package

Paws up for this adorable and thoughtful holiday gift box for dogs and their owners! Have the duo bond over their shared love for gourmet cookies over the festivities. There’s no stopping you from getting one for you and your pooch too!


Sporty Christmas Dog Gift

Keep those pooches on all fours and have them running towards you in excitement for their very own holiday gift box! Filled with gourmet bites and toys galore, your furry pals will go in circles round their owners for these irresistible contents. They ought to have fun this Christmas, too!


Santa Biscuits Dog Gift

Santa’s got something for our four-legged friends: It’s the most wonderful time of the year for puppy treats and playthings! Excite doggos and their owners with this unique holiday gift box for pets filled with gourmet goodies and adorable toys they’d both enjoy.


High Society Winter Pup Gift

Spoil that pup who’s living the high life with this winter-themed gift box for dogs! Have that loyal companion’s tail wagging around the Christmas tree with specialty gourmet treats that match this doggo’s classy tastes. Any pet owner would love to have this for their fur babies!


Holiday Dog Treats Gift

Here’s something for your loved ones’ furry friends: a holiday gift box for dogs! They’ll surely roll over and do more tricks at a whiff of the gourmet treats they’d munch on over the festivities. Also comes with a cute plush for them to play with!


Pooch Heaven Holiday Dog Gift

Each sniff and bite of the contents of this sleek gourmet gift box for dogs is quite the holiday find for your pet lover friends. Featuring paw-some bites and snacks fur mommies and daddies can make for their babies, any pup will surely be in cloud nine for the festivities!


Reindeer Treats for Dogs

Let the reindeers lead Santa’s best treats all the way to a pooch’s mouth! Holidays will be doggie’s favorite time of the year with these irresistible gourmet munchies. Rewarding pups for their loyalty is every owner’s priority – so help them out using this Christmas gift box!


Santa Paws Dog Gift

Play Santa to someone’s beloved pooch with this festive gift box for dogs! Packed with gourmet bites and all-natural selections, it’s a furry Christmas indeed for your four-legged pals. Pet owners will especially love this thoughtful holiday care package for their loyal companions!


Holiday Barks and Wags Dog Gift

Get those pups a howlin’ time with this gift box of holiday-themed goodies! Santa does reward good doggos, and each bite of these gourmet treats are worth celebrating the season for. Pet owners will definitely appreciate this thoughtful gift!


Party Girl Holiday Dog Gift

Hand this over to the owner of the fanciest pooch you know! That classy lass will wag her tail over this holiday gift box packed with fetching toys and gourmet goodies to enjoy with her human. Now that’s living the high life!


Dog Gone Cute Christmas Dog Gift

Pooches will be wagging their tails a lot when they sniff this under their Christmas tree! Surprise a proud fur mommy or daddy with this holiday gift box for their doggos filled with treats. Santa truly rewards good boys and girls!


Holiday Purr-fect Cat & Owner Gift

This season of giving, be extra generous and play Santa Claus to a pet owner and his or her fluffy kitty! This holiday gift basket is loaded with an assortment of treats and toys for the purr-tastic duo – gourmet cookies, popcorn, and other snacks to fill their tummies!


Many Thanks Cat & Owner Holiday Gift

A lot of cat people on your gift list? Express your gratitude within your budget with this adorable holiday thank you gift box! Modest it may be, this package is loaded with gourmet treats enjoyable for recipients of all ages. Family, friends, and their feline pals are in for an artisan treat!


Classy Dog & Owner Gift

The most elegant pup and owner you know are sure to be delighted to receive something as adorable and sweet as their duo! Tucked in this faux leather bag are gourmet cookies and treats for both the fur parent and pooch. Great choice for any occasion!


Holiday Smiles & Purrs Cat and Owner Gift

Tell someone how much you love his or her furry friendship with a feline with this unique holiday gift! Put a smile on their faces with gourmet snacks they can enjoy together over the festivities. Adorable gift ideas for family and friends!


Happy Munching Dog & Owner Gift

All paws on deck for both pooch and fur parent! This holiday gift box for dog owners and their beloved pets is filled with gourmet treats they can enjoy at the same time while snuggling next to each other over the festivities.


Uptown Dog & Owner Winter Gift

Bring winter wonderland to the most stylish pup and fur parent you know! This holiday gift box is filled with gourmet treats for both pet owner and pooch – soup mix, homemade pizza ingredients for the hoomans and assorted biscuits for the doggos!


Glamour Girl Holiday Dog Gift

Who’s a good girl? Every classy pooch deserves a glittery holiday of gourmet treats for being such a faithful companion! With high-end bakery goodies and playthings, fur mommies and daddies will absolutely adore this very personal, thoughtful gift from you.


Just for Dogs at the Holidays

Leave something under the tree for your bark buddy! The holidays are happy indeed with this gift box for dogs a pet owner close to your heart will certainly love to bond over. The tail-wagging treats inside will leave each pup rolling over for joy!


Classy Dog & Owner Holiday Gift

Here’s a gift idea for the pet lovers on your list! This holiday gift basket for pups and their owners is filled with delicious goodies that make the celebrations more memorable – cookies and tea for the fur dads and moms and premium treats for their pooches.


Dog Gone Cute Hanukkah Dog Gift

Pooches will be wagging their tails a lot when they sniff this during Hanukkah season! Surprise a proud fur mommy or daddy with this holiday gift box for their doggos filled with treats. The festival of lights is for pups to enjoy too!

This gift is not kosher.


Goodies for Dog & Owner Christmas Gift

A Christmas gift box for a pet lover and his or her loyal companion? Say no more – this package is filled with gourmet treats like cookies and other tasty snacks that the adorable duo can bond over during the holiday celebrations. Also features Shark Tank’s popular cookie kit!


Holiday Ruffs Dog Gift

Your furry friends made it to Santa’s ‘nice’ list this year! These good doggos truly deserve some bark-tastic treats for the holidays as a reward for being such loyal companions all-year round. Filled with gourmet bites and plush toys, pet owners can have something to share with their pals during holiday get-togethers!


Holiday Sophisticated Dog Gift Basket

Give the pet lovers in your life something that would tug their heartstrings this holiday season – how about this fancy gift box for dogs? Packed with gourmet puppy treats they’ll enjoy preparing and baking for their furry friends, what a unique way to let them know you truly care even for their four-legged pals!


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