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4 Types of Men and What Gift Baskets to Give Them

They say men are simple beings – they’re pretty straightforward with what they want. Even so, all guys are not the same – one should take into consideration their interests and personalities when buying them gifts. That way, you’ll purchase something they will truly enjoy.

We’ve rounded up some our gift baskets that are evergreen finds for any occasion featuring the man of the hour. Tap on the categories below where your man falls in and check out what we have in store for him.

The men in your life could be…

Coffee lovers

Sweet tooths

Casual drinkers

Gourmet aficionados

Coffee Lovers

Give him a taste of some of the finest brews from Starbucks right at the comfort of his home! Enjoy that long-overdue catch up over breakfast or a quick coffee break with your man. Match the perfect cup and companion with gourmet snacks to make the conversation last longer!

Starbucks Coffee and Sweets

Any coffee lover would love to get their hands on this Starbucks gift basket! Filled with heartwarming pairings such as cold brews and assorted pastries, make date nights, family visits, simple talks, and other intimate moments worth while.


The Starbucks Classic for Dad

Classic brews and munchies from Starbucks will hit the warm spot in the heart of the coffee lovers in your life. You are sure to enjoy this on a personal consumption too! This elegant pack is good for any and no occasion, especially for those who are daily fueled by their coffee cravings.


Let’s Take a Coffee Break

Everyone loves a good coffee break! We’ve included Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso, chocolate covered coffee beans, a coffee bean ice cube tray & iced coffee glass.


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Sweet Tooths

Irresistible chocolates for an irreplaceable man! Indulge him with luscious goodness on special occasions like promotions, Father’s Day, birthdays, or retirement. Great as pairings for wine, nuts, cheeses, and other savory artisan goodies.

Godiva Milk Chocolate Expressions

Godiva milk chocolate is famous around the world for exquisitely rich, silky smooth milk chocolate. For the milk chocolate lover in your life, this premium assortment is sure to delight.


Just Fore Dad

“Fore” the love of your favorite golfer dad, have him snacking on his way to the greens with this thoughtful box of gourmet goodies that will swing satisfaction to his cravings. These classic favorites are rewarding for Father’s Day, birthdays, or for celebrating tournament wins!


The Godiva Sampler

Treat your loved ones, friends, employees, boss, special someone – you name it – to the luscious goodness of chocolate by Godiva. The sampler gift basket will give the recipient a taste of heaven in every bite of the signature assorted treats by the famous chocolate expert. In fact, you should definitely have one for yourself too!


Shimmering Gourmet Gift Tower

Tempt and treat them with a shimmering silver tower overflowing with gourmet sweets and savories! Each box is filled to the brim with tasty surprises, including Godiva truffles, cheese straws, and chocolate chip cookies. This is a gift designed to delight and is perfect for friends, family and colleagues.


Godiva Assorted Truffles Tin Gift

When choosing gifts for loved ones for different occasions, something sweet and elegant from you is always a good idea! This golden tin filled with delectable sensations from Godiva say what sweet a giver you are! Grant someone his or her guilty pleasure as an act of saying “thanks” or “I love you,” delivering a happy birthday greeting, sending well wishes, or even just a thoughtful gesture.


Congratulations Superstar

No one outgrows getting stars for a job well done! Kids and even the young at heart can enjoy this simply rewarding golden star sampler box stuffed with gourmet goodies – from chocolates, candies, mouthwatering munchies, and other treats that commend for all the hard work and best efforts. If you deserve one as well, don’t hesitate!


California Delicious Signature Ghirardelli Tin Gift

Chocolates could mean a lot of things. From “thank you,” “I love you,” and other expressions of good cheer, well wishes, and remembrances, you can never go wrong with choosing this signature, classic gift tin for the people closest to your heart. That also includes yourself, if you’re into sweet escapes for the mouth just like this!


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Casual Drinkers

Is your guy one who enjoys cold beer while watching or playing his favorite game? Or perhaps someone who loves a classy night cap by the kitchen bar? Wherever he falls on the drink spectrum, a package filled with his favorites plus delicious treats is a sure way to spoil him. Cheers!

Guinness Beer King

Invite your best bud over for a chill night at your place with this classic beer gift basket. Watch movies, root for your favorite teams, play video games, or simply hangout as you enjoy cans of Guinness Beer along with gourmet snacks that go well with every gulp. Cheers!


The Artisan Series: Estates

For the holidays, anniversaries, and other special occasions, why not carry along this wine gift basket to indulge family and friends to gourmet delights? With Pinot Noir paired with artisan treats, raise your glasses to celebrating life’s best moments!


BBQ Beer King

Get the grill king in the family something to keep his reign with! This barbecue gift basket contains delicious pairings to match 2 bottles of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Great for outdoor lunches, watching games together, birthdays, and just for a good time with the people closest to your heart.


A Vino Thank You with Duckhorn Chardonnay

Here’s a handsome mode of thanks that will delight Chardonnay lovers. Perfect as a corporate gift to build trust and deepen connections. This exquisite Duckhorn Chardonnay is presented in a handcrafted ?Thank You? box with a chic black satin ribbon for an elegant finish.


A Mini Moet YAY!

This calls for a celebration! Live it up with your colleagues or clients by opting for this full-size champagne bucket exhibiting a split of Moet Champagne and Bert?s congratulations snack mix. It?s the ultimate gift for a job well done or any special day.


A Vino Thank You with Duckhorn Cabernet

Say thanks in style! This gift flaunts a Duckhorn Cabernet in a handcrafted ‘Thank You’ box finished with a black satin ribbon and a card you can write your sentiments to. Send one along for any occasion your recipient needs appreciation!


Nuts for Dad

Show Dad how much you’re nuts for him with this wooden crate thoughtfully filled with his favorite drink and treats! More than just a Father’s Day gift, this wooden box is ideal for birthdays and even simple tokens of appreciation for their love and hard work.


Executive II

Here’s to winning presentations and closing deals! Mark these victorious events with a toast of deluxe champagne and a promise of bigger ventures. Our Executive II gift set is exquisitely showcased by a chic black box and tied by a classic red ribbon for a flawless look.


Sierra Nevada Beer Gift

Hanging out with family and friends can definitely get better with every sip of fine beer! This alcohol gift basket of Sierra Nevada beer and artisan pairings like crisps and meat sticks can turn up any party into another one for the books. Great gift for your buddies who’ll be celebrating their birthdays, for your special someone while you go crazy on date night, and even for yourself on those days when you’re feeling festive.


Blue Moon Gift Basket

Make a grand entrance to house parties with this metal tray of cool Blue Moon six-pack. Complete the fun by munching on dude ranch chips from Late July, delicious butter toffee pretzels, Mille Lacs beef sausage, and tomato basil cheese. Hang on to the quote beer heads like you should totally live by!


Birthday Brew – Sierra Nevada

Send a pack of Sierra Nevada ? along with snacks ? to your buddies who?ll be celebrating their orbit outdoors. Perfect for camping, a catch-p by the fire, or a chill night at home for guys who love a handcrafted ale from the wild.

Also available in Shock Top and Blue Moon.


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Gourmet Aficionados

If dad/hubby/significant other/bro has an exquisite palate, you can’t go wrong with artisan classics mixed and matched with decadent flavors and drinks. Holidays, birthdays, and other milestones in life are more memorable with gift baskets that are good for sharing with loved ones.

Delightful Decadence Desert Gift

This tasteful and tantalizing gift is a dream come true for sweet tooths everywhere. A classic basket comes brimming with tasty treats, including Ghirardelli chocolate, caramel popcorn, and more!


Masculine Munchies Gift

There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal to a man’s heart. But California Smoked Almonds, Sorrento Chocolate Truffle Cocoa, and other gourmet favorites in this basket sound just as comforting. Whether it’s his birthday, a milestone in the office, or a simple thanks, you’ll never go wrong with a basket of exquisite munchies.


Black Tie VIP Elegance

For any special occasion, give this classy gourmet gift filled with everything they desire. An ornate gold basket holds decadent treats such as Godiva chocolate truffles, creamy cheese spread, mouth-watering wafers, and much more.


Sparkling California and Artisanal Delights

An array of California artisanal foods are featured in this generous California Delicious gift box, perfect for family, friends or clients. Gourmet treats from throughout the state will please any palate. They will enjoy a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling cider, cheese straws, California nuts, cheese & crackers, and more.


First Impression Gift Basket

Aesthetically pleasing in sleek shades of black and gold, compliment someone with something as exquisite as your taste with this premium gift basket! Gourmet picks like caviar, smoked salmon, cheese, chocolates, and other artisan selections will surely impress even the most picky palates of your family, friends, clients, and colleagues. What a way to bless someone’s table!


Taste of California Gourmet Goodies in a Mini Tote Bag

Give our fantastic signature California tote gift to friends and family. Stuffed with California gourmet food and treats, this tote gift is for anyone that can appreciate delicious sweet caramel popcorn, Jelly Belly candy, white and milk chocolate-covered cookie sandwiches, California nuts, and savory cheese and crackers appetizer. This tote can be re-used to throw your keys in or can be a decorative piece to celebrate the California goodness.


Manly Must-Haves Gift

If you don’t want to go for the usual tie or scent – these manly must-haves can cater to a wide range of taste buds. For the BBQ dad, the gym-head beefing up, the coffee connoisseur, the health nut, and the man’s man – this gift set is a must for all gents for all occasions.


Golden Delights Gift

Something classy for the people you care about! This premium gift basket is filled with gourmet picks that will indulge even the most refined palates. Smoked salmon, cheese, caviar, cookies, chocolates – name it – holidays, special occasions, and birthdays will become golden moments with this!


Classic Gourmet Salami & Cheese

A sleek black box holds a grand gourmet picnic that is perfect for that special event, heartfelt thank you, or sincere congratulations. Our opulent selection of flavorful snacks includes California smoked almonds, cheese and crackers, a cheese knife, and much more.


California Snack Sampler Gift

Hand over this pristine package of gourmet snacks that will instantly delight celebrants, party guests, and other intended recipients. Classy and convenient choice for you on any special occasion, holidays, visits to loved ones, and even as corporate gifts to clients. And here’s an idea – how about one for yourself?


Thanks a Million!

Send thanks and appreciation with this elegantly presented basket of treats. Each charming basket contains French truffles, Cashew Roca, savory cheese & crackers, and other delightful snacks.


Ultimate Meat & Cheese Wooden Gift Crate

Spread a blanket and feel the warmth of a sunny day when this fabulous gift arrives! A rustic wooden crate holds a delicious sampling of gourmet treats including California nuts, tasty dried fruit, a bottle of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, an assortment of California cheese spreads, mustard, dried fruits and nuts, and three flavors of sausage & salami. Fabulous!


Cheeseboard Complete Ultimate

Just imagine entering any occasion with your hands filled with this delectable cheese gift basket! Family, friends, and party guests would love to sip on their fine wine with the perfect pairings that come with the ultimate cheese board package. Make Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even just simple dinners more special with these crowd-pleasers!


Wine Country Holiday Bountiful Gift Basket

Indulge your family, friends, colleagues, and even clients in the smooth and suave flavors in this holiday gift basket. The artisan collection features the award-winning Wine Glacé along with gourmet wine cheese, classic crackers, caviar, and other delightful pairings with fine liquor. Cheers to more memorable Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other celebrations!


Italian Flair Holiday Gift Basket

This holiday gift basket is the Christmas celebration staple your loved ones deserve this season of giving! Filled with make-and-bake home-style pizza that’s fun to bond over, a taste of Italy can reach the people closest to your heart just in time for the occasion. Also comes with a cheese bar, a variety of nuts, and a merry towel set!


Holiday Greetings Gift Basket

Spell it out for your family, friends, colleagues, clients, and anyone in your shopping list – this holiday gift basket will surely wish anyone a merry Christmas! Loaded with gourmet selections like cheese, nuts, cookies, caviar, smoked salmon, and other festive treats, there’s nothing like celebrating with these scrumptious treats for your celebrations!


Holiday Gourmet Gold Gift Tower

Make a stunning entrance to your holiday celebrations with this grand gift of gourmet goodies! Dazzle party hosts, family, friends, and colleagues with this holiday gift tower filled with an assortment of yummy cookies, nuts, decadent chocolates, candies, and artisan popcorn. Definitely looks good on the Christmas table or beside the tree!


Gourmet Glory Holiday Gift Basket

Anyone in your shopping list will be in awe of the gourmet picks in this holiday gift basket! Classic cookies, candies, a variety of nuts, delicious pastries, and assorted artisan snacks are great pairings to go with coffee with family and friends after that filling Christmas dinner. Thoughtful choice for corporate giveaways too!


Classic Gift

Your new go-to gift idea versatile for all occasions fits here in this gift box. Signature cheese, cookies, crackers, and other gourmet staples fill this elegant corporate gift basket. Send away to family, friends, business partners, and clients as token of appreciation holiday giveaway.


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Still not sure of what to get the celebrant? Feel free to choose from our birthday gift baskets, beer gift baskets, Father’s Day gift baskets, and assorted gift baskets for him.

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