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40+ Candy Gift Baskets to Hit Someone’s Sweet Spot

The sweeter the gift, the sweeter the memories! A variety of irresistible candies and assorted delicacies are mixed and matched with gourmet snacks to add sugar rush to celebrations. Treat any celebrant – or yourself – to delightful confections on their special day. Check out the collections below and click on what you’re shopping for.

For different occasions

Holiday Gift Baskets

Birthday Gift Baskets

Halloween Gift Baskets

Easter Gift Baskets

Assorted sweets

Candy Bouquets

Pretzels with Candy Drizzles

Chocolate-Covered Fruits with Candy Toppings

Chocolate-Covered Cookies with Candy Toppings

Holiday Gift Baskets

Add some sugar to your well wishes for special occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, and other celebrations with these candy gift baskets! Along with these bits of heaven are classic favorites such as gourmet popcorn, pretzels, cookies, and cheeses. There’s something for everyone – pet lovers and their fur babies included!

Mom’s Fabulous Sweets Box

There is no single adjective that best describes your Mom, so better give her a gift of the same level of fun and flavor she brings into your life! The colorful gift box features a variety of fruity, chewy, crunchy, and exciting tastes her palate will gladly take on – just a little something for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or days when you feel like surprising her.


Gourmet Gold Gift Tower

Surprise someone close to your heart with a gift as grandiose as your love! Six boxes of this elegant golden gift tower is stacked and filled with gourmet delights that will indulge family and friends on any occasion! Every layer aims to please with chocolates, nuts, popcorn, and cookies – lovable by all ages!


California Snack Sampler Gift

Hand over this pristine package of gourmet snacks that will instantly delight celebrants, party guests, and other intended recipients. Classy and convenient choice for you on any special occasion, holidays, visits to loved ones, and even as corporate gifts to clients. And here’s an idea – how about one for yourself?


Making Memories Gift

Start new family traditions over the holidays and other special occasions with this premium gift basket. Arranged elegantly in its rustic base are classic favorites such as scrumptious cookies, decadent chocolates, and other gourmet finds loved ones will indulge right in on. Plus, a stoneware batter bowl comes with this classy package – good for family heirlooms!


Celebrate Mom’s Day

Sweet, fun, flavorful, and colorful gifts to mirror how Mom is to you? Say no more. This bright package is exactly the Mother’s Day gifts thankful children indulge their parent with. Filled with delectable treats like chocolates, candies, and cookies, it’s good for any or no occasion too!


Solid Gold Gift Tower

Make a stunning entrance to your celebrations with this grand gift of gourmet goodies! Dazzle party hosts, family, friends, and colleagues with this towering premium gift basket filled with an assortment of yummy cookies, nuts, decadent chocolates, candies, and artisan popcorn. Definitely looks good on any occasion!


Gourmet Glory Gift Basket

Such a classy premium gift basket is the crowning glory of any celebration! Be it holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other important milestone in life, indulge loved ones and even colleagues with gourmet goodies such as chocolates, popcorn, cookies, signature tea, and other decadent treats.


Sweet Treats

Surprise the ladies closest to your heart with this adorable gift basket for her! Packed with delectable sweets and classic snack time favorites, even days when there are no occasions can be more memorable. Also comes with a dainty cotton towel!


Merry Christmas Gift

Be the coolest aunt or uncle when you visit your family over the holidays with this Christmas gift box! Play Santa and surprise kids with delicious cookies, assorted candies, and other enjoyable treats. Also a great choice for simple corporate giveaways!


Christmas Gourmet Taste Gift

Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in all its sophistication with this gourmet Christmas gift basket! Filled with classy picks like caviar, scrumptious chocolate cookies, decadent cheese, and other artisan snacks, your family, friends, clients, and colleagues will look forward to indulging themselves in these selections.


Treats and Cookies Cat & Owner Gift

Show the cat lovers closest to your heart how much you appreciate their friendship with their feline pals! With this gift basket for cats and their owners, each get to indulge in gourmet goodies such as cookies, pastries, and other delectable bites that are also safe for kitties to eat. What a unique gifting idea for any occasion!


Off the Vine Holiday Gift

Let everyone in on your classy tastes with this golden holiday gift basket! Filled with decadent wine pairings such as cheese, pastries, classic crackers, and other gourmet picks, wine night with family and friends will be one for the books with the award-winning Wine Glacé! How about sending this to clients and business partners too?


Sweet Impressions Valentine Gift

Packed in this Valentine’s gift basket are luscious treats as sweet as your affections! Indulge your special someone with delectable chocolate, cookies, candies, and other gourmet assortments – plus an adorable teddy bear to remember you by!


Business Gift

Give someone a glimpse of your impeccable taste with this elegant corporate gift basket that suits a CEO. From caviar, gourmet salmon, to chocolates and cheese selections, this high-end package is a classy token of appreciation for clients, colleagues, delegates, and other stakeholders.


The Pirates Treasure Box

Bring a young matie to an adventure across the seas with a themed gift basket for kids! It’s a real treasure trove in here – coloring books, crayons, popcorn, trail mix, gummy anchors, pirate beverages, and other arrr-some treats. You’ll be well adored by your kids, nephews, and godchildren because of these gems!


Family Style Meals Gift Basket

Here’s a heartwarming gift idea – go for hearty, homemade meals for the family with the contents of this gift basket! Be merrier with classic gourmet comfort food like cooking soups, chili, and other warm bites perfect for the winter wonderland experience. Your relatives, friends, and even colleagues in your gifting list deserves nothing less!


Holiday Wine Themed Gift

Show off your fine tastes with this elegant holiday gift basket filled with delightful wine pairings! Seasonal drinks, gourmet bites, deli meat, scrumptious cookies and pastries, and a cute stuffed bear will surely be loved by family, friends, colleagues, and any recipient. Make lasting Christmas memories with this package!


Screaming Skittles Christmas Care Package

Any kid (and young-at-heart) will go gaga over this Christmas gift box of classic childhood favorites! This package is brimming with yummy Skittles and Starburst assortments that are as festive as the holiday cheer. Surprise your children, nephews and nieces, and even the not-so-young ones with this delightful present!


Christmas Joy for Dog and Owner Gift

Have the dog lovers in your life fall in love with the treats in this Christmas gift box for them and their beloved pooches! The holidays got a whole lot merrier with treats for both pet and owner – definitely a package to bond over!


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Birthday Gift Baskets

Aside from frostings and icings, how about other forms of sugary goodness? Indulge the birthday celebrant with sweet, assorted nibbles to ring in another year in their life. Choose from boxes of candies, desserts with candy toppings, and a variety of crowd-pleasers!

Birthday Bonanza Tower of Treats

Forget cake and candles, this extravagant tower will be the delight of anyone’s birthday. Five vibrant gift boxes come bearing sweets and treats, all tied together with a colorful bow.


Happiest of Birthdays

Send the most festive greeting with this birthday gift basket! Awaiting the celebrant are fun flavors like birthday cake brittle, fruit-flavored birthday gummies, cookies, and sparkling cider. Also comes with 2 birthday blowers in the gift bow to kickstart the occasion. Cakes are overrated, so go for something interesting like you!


Birthday Chocolate Dipped Cake Pops – 10 pcs.

What’s a birthday with cake… pops! Beat the traditional by handing over these delicious desserts to any celebrant. Be it for kids or the young-at-heart, these birthday cake pops are as sweet as you are. Why not make these hand-decorated treats your go-to gifts for the parties you have this year?


Birthday Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies – 14 pcs.

Spell “birthday” – the sweetest way: with classic Oreo cookies covered in chocolate! Drenched in milk, dark, and white Belgian chocolates, hand these lettered treats in an elegant birthday gift box to celebrants of all ages. And here’s an idea: Ditch the birthday cake and opt for one of these!


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Easter Gift Baskets

Have a hopping holiday with these exciting Easter loot! Great for kids and young-at-heart alike, enjoy springtime fun with candies, plush toys, and decorative plastic eggs for your egg hunts.

Easter Gift for Kids

Make your annual egg hunts a bigger hit with this Easter gift basket for kids! The little ones would hop on and get their hands on the yummy assorted goodies and plush toy. Your children, nephews, and nieces are sure to up their game with this at stake!


Sweet Easter Bunny Bucket

Say “I love you” differently this springtime with this adorable, bright bucket of tasty Easter sweets! Be it kids or the young-at-heart, anyone will surely hop around when they get their hands on the collection of delectable sensations. How about getting it as the grand prize for your egg hunts? Woohoo!


Bunny Nibbles Easter Basket

Ears and cottontails up for folks of all ages with this dainty Easter gift basket! Assorted delicious candies and treats fill up this package – perfect for your annual egg hunts! Also comes with an adorable huggable bunny to cuddle up with during the celebration.


Easter Goodies Gift Tray

Who says Easter treats are just for kids? This Easter gift tray is adorably snackable for any loved one! Easily send some springtime love to the homes of your family and friends with this sweet mix of chocolates, candies, and other nibbles perfect for the season of fresh beginnings.


Bunny’s Best Easter Gift Basket

The best of springtime goodies for family and friends of all ages is right here! This Easter gift basket is teeming with your classic holiday gourmet treats plus an adorable plush bunny. A fun way to reward this year’s Easter egg hunt winner or a gifting idea for kids!


Easter Eats & Treats Gift Bucket

Add some more sunshine to an already-bright and fresh springtime with this delectable bucket filled with Easter goodies the whole family will surely enjoy! Give your loved ones some much-needed sugar rush with the bright-colored contents of this package – totally matches your quirks!


Happy Easter Pail

Fill your spirits with springtime joy this Easter with the delectable contents of this Easter gift! Family and friends of all ages will certainly enjoy the treats and plush toy that come with it. Perfect as a prize for those annual egg hunts or as a form of well-wishes to loved ones!


Easter Mugs and Sweets

Spring is a time when all things are bright and beautiful – much like this adorable gift waiting to be sent to your family, friends, and loved ones’ homes! Greet Easter morning with a smile as sweet as the contents of 2 signature ceramic mugs – good for keepsakes!


Egg-stra Special Easter

Start the egg hunt with this fab Easter gift basket filled with assorted goodies and an adorable plush bunny. Kids will especially love the playful colors and yummy treats. It’s also a good buy for the young-at-heart such as yourself!


Spring Has Spring Gift Tote

If kids got baskets full of Easter eggs from their annual hunt, give the gift of springtime goodies with a bagful of treats adults will surely enjoy! Share your fine tastes this season of newness with this novelty mini tote. Hand over this classy package to wish Mom or a special someone the best of the season.


Peter Cottontail Treats

Your little ones will definitely love to have a bunny buddy this Easter! Peter Cottontail comes with his own adorable Easter gift basket. Inside this are Easter eggs filled with yummy treats to make the springtime cheer more memorable. How about making this a giveaway to all your egg hunt participants?


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Halloween Gift Baskets

Get trick-or-treat-ers coming back for more with these candy gift baskets for the spookiest time of the year! Signatures candies and chocolates await your Halloween party guests – plus these could be your prizes for your best dressed attendees!

Halloween Witch’s Treats Gift Basket

Mount that broom and put a hex on your crew with this Halloween gift basket filled with classic favorites! Family, friends, and even party guests will enjoy devouring the treats on the scariest night of the year. Not just for kids, the young-at-heart closest to you will surely appreciate this themed package!


Pumpkin Treats

Nothing spells Halloween like a good ol’ fashioned pumpkin head! Instead of lights inside, your favorite chocolates are waiting to be devoured on the scariest night of the year. This loot is for kids and adults alike so there’s no shame in getting one for yourself too!


Ghost Bites Gift

Instead of scaring someone off, this Halloween gift box will definitely reel the whole crew in! Step into your costumes and pull the pranks off your sleeve while munching on your classic chocolate favorites and hand-crafted cookies that suit the occasion. Not just for kids though – you deserve this spooky loot too!


Spooky Treats

Fright night has never been this sweet and spooky – hand this loot of classic chocolates and candies to your favorite people this Halloween for a trick-or-treat they will never forget! Both kids and the young-at-heart can dig into the luscious goodness – perfect party favors for your guests!


Skittles Craze

What’s a celebration without a candy gift basket? Studded with an assortment of classic sour candies like Skittles and Starburst, let the young-at-heart in on a fun treat as a token of gratitude, welcome present, surprise care package, and other life moments.


Bewitched Halloween Gift

Bewitch the young and old alike with this spooky loot in a Halloween gift box! Complete with classic chocolates, hand-crafted cookies, and other special sweets, amp up your trick-or-treats and costume parties with this themed package. How about awarding this year’s Best Dressed with it?


Halloween Care Package

If you can’t scare them, why not send a sneaky care package? The good old trick or treatin’ requires kids at your doorstep scared out of their wits by your terrifying décor. But if your little nephews and nieces are a no-show, send this gift box over – along with a prank! That’ll surely make their Halloween night.


Witch Candy

Get that wicked laugh going when you hand over these Halloween candies to trick-or-treat-ers! This themed gift box of sweet favorites also come with devilishly good cookies and nose-tingling drink mix. Great for kids and your adult pals too!


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Candy Bouquets

Flowers are great but have you tried candies? Surprise someone near and dear to you with classic favorites bundled together – tastefully arranged and designed to suit the occasion! Give a taste of your sweetness for Valentine’s, Easter, or even ordinary days when you just feel like going the extra mile.

Screaming Skittles Candy Bouquet

Reel the kids in during parties, Halloween, holidays, and other celebrations with this eye-catching candy bouquet! Filled with an assortment of sweet and sour Skittles and Starburst packs, even adults will line-up to get their hands on these!


Cotton Tails Candy Bouquet

Bring springtime cheer to the ladies in your life with this pretty Easter candy bouquet! Filled with the classic favorites like M&M’s and Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, family and friends of all ages are sure to get into the hopping good time the season brings!


Rockin’ Reese’s Valentine Bouquet

Something timeless for the people who won’t outgrow your heart! Spoil your family, buddies, co-workers, teammates, and groups with every pack of Reese’s in this unique Valentine’s chocolate bouquet! No need for an occasion – any day deserves treats as indulgent as these.


Maximum M&M’s

Flowers are great but have you tried M&M’s bouquets? This unique gift idea comes with assorted packs of your classic M&M’s favorites perfect for sharing! Sweeten up family get-togethers, office getaways, holidays, children’s parties, and hangouts with your buddies with every bite.


Rockin’ Reese’s Bouquet

Something timeless for the people who won’t outgrow your heart! Spoil your family, buddies, co-workers, teammates, and groups with every pack of Reese’s in this unique chocolate bouquet! No need for an occasion – any day deserves treats as indulgent as these.


Going Nuts

Here’s something nutty and nice for sharing! This candy gift basket is filled with a variety of signature sweet treats in fun and full sizes that are perfect picks for office birthdays, promotions, and other congratulatory purposes. Also passes as an incentive, games and raffles prizes, or simply a centerpiece for children’s parties!


Gourmet Chocolate Experience

Because a bouquet of flowers is overrated, how about one that’s filled with luscious chocolates? Signature Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares come boldly in this elegant package to express love, gratitude, well-wishes, and sweet thoughts to the people closest to your heart. From Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, holidays – you name it – any occasion will do!


Valentine Screaming Skittles Bouquet

Reel in the young-at-heart closest to you this Valentine’s Day with this eye-catching candy bouquet! Filled with an assortment of sweet and sour Skittles and Starburst packs, your significant other will definitely enjoy this with your company.


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Pretzels with Candy Drizzles

If you don’t wish to overwhelm the recipient with too much candies, how about some candy-drizzled bites? Make someone’s table more interesting with these delicious eye-pleasers!

Spring Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Rods – 12 pcs.

Looking for a luscious snack to enjoy over hearty talks and hot tea? Surprise Mom and the most important women in your life with this spring gift basket that’s reminiscent of the season. Drizzled in assorted candies and sweet concoctions, this package also doubles as a fun baby shower treat!


Celebration Milk Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Twists – 12 pcs.

Feeling festive for someone’s birthday? Don’t come to a celebration empty-handed! This birthday gift basket filled with scrumptious milk chocolate pretzels will definitely fill any party with an amazing twist – pun intended. If you want to get one for your self-indulgence, no worries!


Ultimate Chocolate-Dipped Mini Pretzel Rods – 24 pcs.

In-charge of bringing snacks to a party? For whatever occasion it may be served in, these Belgian chocolate-covered treats are sure to be a hit! Lovable by young and old alike, this festive chocolate gift box has contents that are sprinkled with flavors selected especially to indulge you and other guests.


Boo Halloween Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Rods – 12 pcs.

Match your Halloween spirit with these themed pretzel rods doused in Belgian dark, milk, and white chocolates! This tasty assortment is topped with candies and drizzles to make for awesome party desserts. No tricks here – just treats!


Ultimate Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Rods – 12 pcs.

Hanging out with your loved ones during the holidays or other special occasions? This Belgian chocolate gift box of pretzel rods delectably expresses your well-wishes and thoughtfulness to family and friends. Bonus part is they get to enjoy every sweet-and-salty bite!


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Chocolate-Covered Fruits with Candy Toppings

Fruits covered in candies? Guilt-free goodness! Let the celebrants sink their teeth into rich chocolate-coated apples and strawberries studded with candies, nuts, and creamy drizzles. Great for dessert tables, parties, and other celebrations.

Chocolate-Covered Celebration Caramel Apples Gift – 3 pcs.

Feeling festive for someone’s birthday? Don’t come to a celebration empty-handed! This birthday gift basket filled with scrumptious milk chocolate pretzels will definitely fill any party with an amazing twist – pun intended. If you want to get one for your self-indulgence, no worries!


COMBO – Celebration Strawberries & Birthday Oreo Cookies – 12 pcs.

Make any celebration sweeter with this delectable combination of timeless desserts for all occasions! Both young and old will enjoy these succulent strawberries covered in rich dark and white chocolate and signature Oreo cookies dipped in assorted decadent flavors. Any party – or me time – will be splendidly delicious with this birthday gift box!


Celebration Chocolate-Covered Strawberries – 12 pcs.

Something sweet, guilt-free, and celebratory? This gift box isn’t just for kids’ birthday parties – it’s perfect for any occasion even for the young-at-heart. Sweeten up any holiday feast with these delectable desserts that are good enough to enjoy by yourself!


COMBO – 6 pcs. Celebration Berries & 4 pcs. Brownie Pops

Want to veer away from the usual birthday presents? Surprise someone you love with a combination of guilt-free chocolate-covered strawberries and delectable Oreo cookies on their special day! No limits though – this timeless birthday gift box is also perfect for holidays, special occasions, and life’s most precious moments.


Chocolate-Covered Celebration Caramel Apples Gift – 6 pcs.

Add color to the party table with these Granny Smith gourmet apples covered in delicious caramel and Belgian chocolate. Drizzled with assorted toppings, bring this intimate chocolate experience to birthday celebrations, family gatherings, and even holidays. Should you want to enjoy these by yourself, go ahead – we won’t judge!


COMBO – Chocolate Strawberry Marshmallow & Oreo Cookies

The luscious contents of this spring gift box are just what you’re looking for to surprise the women in your life with! A combination of irresistibly luscious treats, how about gifting these to Mom during your visits or simply enjoying it with your girl friends over afternoon tea? And here’s an idea: you can keep the decadence all to yourself!


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Chocolate-Covered Cookies with Candy Toppings

How do you level up cookies coated in dreamy white and dark Belgian chocolates? Sprinkle them with candies, nuts, chocolates, and other heavenly toppings! Be sure to get some for the holidays and other special occasions that call for something sweet.

Chocolate-Covered Oreo Cookies – 12 pcs.

Looking for a way to sweeten a party you’ll be attending? Your classic Oreo cookies are elegantly coated in rich Belgian chocolate and drizzled with a variety of flavor for you and your loved ones’ indulgence. Wish every kind of greeting with these treats and you’ll never go wrong!


Fall Chocolate-Covered Oreo Cookies – 12 pcs.

Welcome the festive season of fall with treats that mirror its fun colors! Your favorite Oreo cookies are dressed up in rich milk, dark, and white Belgian chocolate drizzled with themed sprinkles and candies. Visit loved ones, surprise your significant other, or brighten any holiday table with autumn-inspired goodies!


Heart Classic Chocolate-Covered Oreo Cookies – 12 pcs.

Wear your heart on your sleeve – and on your gift – for Valentine’s Day! Indulge your significant other with these classic Oreo® cookies with a twist of Belgian milk, dark, and white chocolate covering and candy toppings. Perfect pairing for your classy wine night or intimate date!


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For more indulgent choices, feel free to check out our collections of chocolate gift baskets and cookies gift baskets for your upcoming get-togethers and celebrations. Hit us up in the comments if you need assistance!

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