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40 Chocolate Gift Baskets You Should Add To Cart ASAP

When in doubt of your gift ideas for any occasion, you can never go wrong with something as classy, sweet, and timeless as your thoughts – CHOCOLATE! Be it holidays, special occasions, romantic wine nights, and simply celebrating life’s wins, treat any recipient to sweet sensations paired with curated gourmet treats. Here are some of the chocolate gift baskets you can bag within your budget, delivered at jet speed when you want it to!

Grand Godiva

Feast your eyes – and taste buds – on the grandeur of this gift basket from Godiva. Curated chocolate products selected specially to delight sweet tooths, connoisseur, and the people closest to your heart! This woven set holds delectable choices as sweet as you.


Ultimate Golden Godiva Tower

Take the people closest to your heart to new heights of indulgence for moments as grand as this tower of sweets! Housed in six gold boxes, give the gift of Godiva to the ones you esteem as VIP in your life for the grandest birthday bash, anniversary, and even weddings.


Chocolate Delights Basket

Nothing is as sweet as receiving a gift basket full of decadent goodies that will please chocolate lovers of any age! Ring in any special occasion with luscious chocolate products carefully curated to satisfy cravings. Friends and loved ones are definitely in for a treat!


Delightful Decadence Desert Gift Basket

For the sweet tooths in your life – just as yourself! Present them this chocolate gift basket of luscious picks from world-known chocolatiers. Holidays, milestones, birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions are a notch classier with an elegant package like this.


California Artisanal Gourmet

Add some California lovin’ to someone’s table by bringing sweet and delectable treats to the people you want to send your love and thoughts to. Not just for family and friends, this gift box is an excellent choice for holidays, special occasions, corporate giveaways, and even raffle prizes!


Majestic Godiva

Make a grand entrance to any celebration with this Godiva gift basket! With irresistibly rich and delicious chocolates to satisfy sweet cravings, what’s a birthday, anniversary, and life milestones without her majesty? Also makes a great corporate giveaway for clients and partners, right?


Godiva Milk Chocolate Expressions

Express your thoughts and feelings by giving something just as sweet. Godiva carefully curated its signature collection of milk chocolate products to treat the ones you love with expertly crafted indulgence. This gift box is also ideal for any occasion, for any recipient who is a certified chocolate lover – so you’ll never go wrong!


Vineyard Gourmet Wine Themed Gift

Here’s something elegant and gourmet for the people closest to your heart – this premium gift basket of scrumptious wine pairings will be any occasion’s delight! Gather your family and friends near the fireplace and enjoy exchanging stories over glasses of award-winning Wine Glacé and bites of caviar, wine cheese, biscuits, and other picks. You can also opt to impress bosses, clients, and colleagues with such a refined taste in gifts!


Gourmet Taste in Fall

Celebrate the wonderful colors of fall in all its sophistication with this premium gift basket! Filled with classy gourmet picks like caviar, scrumptious chocolate cookies, decadent cheese, and other artisan snacks, your family, friends, clients, and colleagues will look forward to indulging themselves in these selections.


Birthday Bonanza Tower of Treats

Veer away from the usual cake and candles with this celebratory tower filled with delightful treats guaranteed to make any birthday extra memorable! The colorful Birthday Bonanza Tower proudly puts the party mood a notch higher with its exciting, delicious treats inside – five vibrant boxes will definitely surprise the person of the hour!


California Snack Sampler Gift

Hand over this pristine package of gourmet snacks that will instantly delight celebrants, party guests, and other intended recipients. Classy and convenient choice for you on any special occasion, holidays, visits to loved ones, and even as corporate gifts to clients. And here’s an idea – how about one for yourself?


Holiday Gourmet Gold Gift Tower

Make a stunning entrance to your holiday celebrations with this grand gift of gourmet goodies! Dazzle party hosts, family, friends, and colleagues with this holiday gift tower filled with an assortment of yummy cookies, nuts, decadent chocolates, candies, and artisan popcorn. Definitely looks good on the Christmas table or beside the tree!


The Godiva Sampler

Treat your loved ones, friends, employees, boss, special someone – you name it – to the luscious goodness of chocolate by Godiva. The sampler gift basket will give the recipient a taste of heaven in every bite of the signature assorted treats by the famous chocolate expert. In fact, you should definitely have one for yourself too!


Gourmet Glory Gift Basket

Such a classy premium gift basket is the crowning glory of any celebration! Be it holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other important milestone in life, indulge loved ones and even colleagues with gourmet goodies such as chocolates, popcorn, cookies, signature tea, and other decadent treats.


Golden Chocolate Sampler

By the looks of it, this golden, elegant gift box is surely a stunner that would leave any recipient in awe. What’s inside will deliciously dazzle any sweet lover like you! This will give your friends and loved ones a taste of some of the most well-known chocolatiers in the industry.


Fine and Fancy Gourmet Gift

Fancy a lovely present? Arrive in style in formal events, fine soirees, and elegant get-togethers with this gourmet gift basket of artisan goodness. A definite crowd-pleaser, the sleek black and gold gift box of carefully curated flavors aim to satisfy passionate palates. Perfect for the VIPs in your life for any occasion.


Gourmet Gold Tower

Surprise someone close to your heart with a gift as grandiose as your love! Six boxes of this elegant golden gift tower is stacked and filled with gourmet delights that will indulge family and friends on any occasion! Every layer aims to please with chocolates, nuts, popcorn, and cookies – lovable by all ages!


Gourmet Taste Gift Basket

Give someone special a taste of your refined choices with this elegant, premium gift basket! Loaded with signature gourmet favorites, this package will surely impress family, friends, business associates, clients, and other intended recipients no matter what the occasion is. Luscious chocolates, decadent cheese, scrumptious cookies, and other artisan picks are excellent choices for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and life’s milestones.


Happy Day Gift Basket

Celebrate the best moments in the life of the women closest to your heart with this lovely gift basket for her! Be it a token of appreciation, an expression of your love, or to surprise her on birthdays and anniversaries, this package filled with delicious gourmet snacks are sure to indulge the lady of the hour!


For The Whole Gang

Just take a look at this super satisfying snack basket for the whole squad! Big families and close-knit groups of friends will surely enjoy the variety of gourmet treats – from chocolates, cookies, and other mouthwatering munchies for sharing! Also perfect to gift gracious hosts of intimate celebrations.


Solid Gold Gift Tower

Make a stunning entrance to your celebrations with this grand gift of gourmet goodies! Dazzle party hosts, family, friends, and colleagues with this towering premium gift basket filled with an assortment of yummy cookies, nuts, decadent chocolates, candies, and artisan popcorn. Definitely looks good on any occasion!


Wine Country Bountiful Gift Basket

Indulge your family, friends, colleagues, and even clients in the smooth and suave flavors in this premium wine gift basket. The artisan collection features the award-winning Wine Glacé along with gourmet wine cheese, classic crackers, caviar, and other delightful pairings with fine liquor. Cheers to more memorable Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other celebrations!


Premier Wine and Cheese Selection

Let this premium gift basket of sophisticated, gourmet selections indulge your family and friends! Filled with delicious pairings that go well with award-winning Wine Glacé such as wine cheeses, cookies, pretzels, caviar, and other snack mixes, both personal and professional gifting gets classier with this!


Snack Attack Care Package

All hands (and mouths) on deck when you send this corporate gift basket to the most hardworking bunch! Pack the crew up with some sugar rush, indulgent bites, and enjoyable snacks to pump them up for the productive hours ahead. Also great for parties with your buddies, holiday bonding with your family, or other celebrations that need munchies.


Off The Vine

Let everyone in on your classy tastes with this golden premium gift basket! Filled with decadent wine pairings such as cheese, pastries, classic crackers, and other gourmet picks, wine night with family and friends will be one for the books with the award-winning Wine Glacé! How about sending this to clients and business partners too?


Making Memories Gift

Start new family traditions over the holidays and other special occasions with this premium gift basket. Arranged elegantly in its rustic base are classic favorites such as scrumptious cookies, decadent chocolates, and other gourmet finds loved ones will indulge right in on. Plus, a stoneware batter bowl comes with this classy package – good for family heirlooms!


First Impression Gift Basket

Aesthetically pleasing in sleek shades of black and gold, compliment someone with something as exquisite as your taste with this premium gift basket! Gourmet picks like caviar, smoked salmon, cheese, chocolates, and other artisan selections will surely impress even the most picky palates of your family, friends, clients, and colleagues. What a way to bless someone’s table!


Pumpkin Treats

Nothing spells Halloween like a good ol’ fashioned pumpkin head! Instead of lights inside, your favorite chocolates are waiting to be devoured on the scariest night of the year. This loot is for kids and adults alike so there’s no shame in getting one for yourself too!


Don’t Quit Chocolate

Let a sweet tooth feel special with this encouraging chocolate gift basket! With a framed quote that says “I could give up chocolate but I’m not a quitter,” family and friends would love some delicious cookies, luscious brownies, and other decadent bites for holidays and other memorable occasions. How about getting one for yourself too?


Golden Delights Holiday Gift

Sleek and filled with artisan flavors to impress the most sophisticated palate, this holiday gift basket is a statement in itself! Give loved ones, colleagues, and clients something as exquisite as your taste for the festivities up ahead – great additions to their dinner table!


BASKET – Deluxe Holiday Chocolate Gourmet Gift Basket

Get a gift as grand as your gesture! Have family and friends surround this exquisite tower of treats curated especially for the holidays. Assorted with rich Belgian chocolate-covered selections like cookie pops, barks, marshmallows, and fruits, your celebrations will be a whole lot sweeter and merrier!


Ghirardelli Party

Thinking of giving away something as sweet as your thoughts? This treasure trove of classic and artisan Ghirardelli favorites will do the trick! Any celebration is sure to be sweeter when spent with loved ones while enjoying these luscious chocolates made only by one of the world’s finest chocolatiers in the business.


VIP Sweet & Savory Selection Tower

Premium in form and exquisite in flavors of contents, this towering VIP gift boxes of sweet and savory selections will have recipients taking pride like champs! Every layer contains gourmet goodies that only aim to please. Aim new heights with this gift for all seasons – holidays, corporate events, and more.


Sweet Impressions Valentine Gift

Packed in this Valentine’s gift basket are luscious treats as sweet as your affections! Indulge your special someone with delectable chocolate, cookies, candies, and other gourmet assortments – plus an adorable teddy bear to remember you by!


BASKET – Ultimate Holiday Chocolate-Covered Gift Basket

Can’t decide on which goodies will make it to your loved ones’ home for the holidays? How about ALL! This ultimate holiday gift basket is teeming with assorted treats hand-dipped in luscious Belgian chocolates – from cookies, pretzels, mallows and more. Both kids and the young-at-heart will definitely love this sugary fix!


Peace, Prayer & Blessings Sympathy Gift Basket

Send loving wishes of peace and sympathy when you give this thoughtful basket of treasured memories and gourmet foods. Meant to help heal, comfort, protect and inspire, this array of artisanal goodies would make for a comforting gesture to loved ones seeking support and encouragement.


A Gift of Godiva

No one can resist the heavenly, luscious goodness that is Godiva. This chocolate sampler is a thoughtful gift to greet a birthday celebrant by, to tell someone they are loved and remembered, to thank a family member or a friend, or to reward a person for a job well-done. Chocolates can be more than a Valentine’s Day present, right?


Black Tie VIP Elegance

Treat family and loved ones like the VIP that they are with this extra classy chocolate gift basket! A timeless choice for any special occasion, let this elegant package dazzle party guests, birthday celebrants, and your significant other on anniversaries. Turn them to corporate gifts and wow clients!


Halloween Witch’s Treats

Mount that broom and put a hex on your crew with this Halloween gift basket filled with classic favorites! Family, friends, and even party guests will enjoy devouring the treats on the scariest night of the year. Not just for kids, the young-at-heart closest to you will surely appreciate this themed package!


Masculine Holiday Gift

How about this rustic holiday gift basket to surprise that special man in your life? This season of giving, make dad, hubby, or any guy close to your heart merry with an assortment of gourmet treats just for him! Luscious chocolates, smoked salmon, cookies, and other delightful bites are exactly what spells out happy holidays!


Need to send an overload of sweetness to someone ASAP? We do on-the-day delivery too – just let us know and we can also tuck in a personal note from you in the package!

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