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60+ Alcohol Gift Baskets to Have Classy Celebrations With

Organizing or attending something fine-tuned such as your tastes? Enter high society with every sip from the wines and spirits in our collection of alcohol gift baskets! Matched with artisanal delights to bring out each bottle’s flavor and aroma, exude elegance and arrive at parties in style. Choose from the collections below to find the one that suits the occasion.

Our top picks for you:

Wine Gift Baskets

Champagne Gift Baskets

Beer Gift Baskets

Wine Gift Baskets

The sweet aroma and refreshing undertones of wine can bring out anyone’s romantic side. Celebrate anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings, and different occasions raising your glasses to these exquisite selections. Also good choices for corporate gifts, intimate date nights, and special milestones in. life.

Let’s Get Away

Show your romantic side to your significant other with this premium gift basket. Celebrate anniversaries and other important relationship milestones with sips of Cabernet Sauvignon and quick bites of artisan picks to match.


Golden Wine Gift Basket

Show your people how much you treasure them with something just as golden as they are! This premium wine gift basket of Chateau Ste. Michelle Sauvignon Blanc contains gourmet pairings to such fine liquor – almonds, cheese, crisps, cheese, and other artisan choices. Great for making holidays and special occasions regal!


The Artisan Series: The Reserve

Fancy a wine night with a special someone? Set the mood with this wine gift basket of Cabernet Sauvignon and artisan pairings like organic flatbread and dipping herbs. Try it out for anniversaries, intimate dinners, and other milestones worth toasting to.


Oh Darling! Pinot Noir Wine Gift

Celebrate with the people closest to your heart with this wine gift basket! Raise these 2 darling glasses and fill it with Pinot Noir for moments you don’t want to forget. Perfect for anniversaries, holidays, special occasions, and even simple date nights with that special someone. Don’t forget to add on any of our delectable wine pairings!


Burberry Weekend

The special ladies in your life deserve something luxurious on their special day – just like this faux leather tote filled with glamorous products! This gift basket for her is going to lavish the woman of the hour with a signature DKNY blanket, Burberry lotion, and luscious rose. Also comes with accessories to make her feel loved on anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and other occasions.


The Italian Home

Make loved ones experience Italian cuisine at the comfort of their own homes. Filled with wine and pasta pairings plus other gourmet selections, holidays, get-togethers, visits to your folks, and other occasions will be delizioso!


24″ Wine Tower in Black (Choose Wine)

Make a grand entrance to any event with this elegant wine tower! With gourmet pairings such as toffee caramels, assorted cookies, artisan meat, and other savory flavors, choose your drink from our extensive selections and celebrate life’s best moments – holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, and more!

Also available in gold.


You Make My Heart Smile

Make a special woman know how much you adore her with this Valentine’s Day gift basket! Celebrate over glasses of Sauvignon Blanc and bites of Ghirardelli chocolates. Also comes with a teddy bear she can cuddle when you’re away!


White Wine Gift Basket

Wedding giveaways, holiday presents, or a surprise package for a special someone – this wine gift basket is a versatile choice, with bottles of Moscato and Pinot Grigio plus artisan pairings.


Wine Poetry

When words get the best of you, say it with this wine gift basket! Pick the wine or champagne of your choice from our selections and enjoy a bottle with someone special. Also comes with accessories to make wine night more memorable!


The Artisan Series: Estates

For the holidays, anniversaries, and other special occasions, why not carry along this wine gift basket to indulge family and friends to gourmet delights? With Pinot Noir paired with artisan treats, raise your glasses to celebrating life’s best moments!


A Wedding Gift

This champagne bucket makes for a lovely wedding or anniversary gift! Once Upon A Vine comes with delectable pairings like flatbread crackers. Celebrate with the newly weds and send them the love they deserve on such a joyous occasion!


Grande Wine Dinner

Shower someone with an elegant surprise with this prestigious wine gift basket! Family, friends, colleagues, clients, and the people on your gifting list can sip rich, fine wine from Chateau Ste. Michelle while enjoying decadent wine pairings such as gourmet cheese, crackers, sausages, and other artisan picks. To add more flavor to the occasion, have the recipients enjoy prime pasta-and-sauce choices. Also comes with preparation essentials for the perfect gathering. Make holidays and other intimate celebrations more memorable with this package!


Kendall-Jackson Wine Gift Basket

Welcome springtime, holidays, and special occasions with this wine gift basket of suave selections from Kendall-Jackson. Raise a glass with family and loved ones and share moments over mixed fruits and other artisan wine pairings.


The Artisan Series: Columbia Valley

Treat someone to a taste of delicious Columbian flavors with this gourmet gift basket! Along with a bottle of Chardonnay, indulge any recipient with artisan snacks that are great for light drinking on any occasion.


Wine & Pasta

Bless the table of friends and family with this wine gift basket of luscious liquor and delicious pasta pairing – an elegant personal and even corporate gift idea for holidays, special occasions, and life’s most valued moments.


You Had Me At Merlot

Treat someone to a taste of delicious Columbian flavors with this gourmet gift basket! Along with a bottle of Chardonnay, indulge any recipient with artisan snacks that are great for light drinking on any occasion.


My Vino Happy Hour

After a long day at work, wouldn’t be nice to go home to a wine gift basket like this? With a wine cocktail plus artisan snacks to pair it with, treat yourself (or someone who you think deserves this) to an intoxicating me time for a change.


The Party Crate

Get the happenings started when you show up with this crate filled with gourmet food! Delight party hosts and guests with scrumptious artisan selections and bottles of fine wine. Create meaningful mealtime memories during intimate gatherings, holiday dinners, corporate events, and other celebrations with family and friends.


The Vino Office Party

Wish the best of the season to your team with this wine gift basket filled with curated goods that make the holidays another one for the books! Along with 2 bottles of chardonnay, delicious pairings such as cheese, crackers, and other savory goodies are meant to be shared over hearty laughs and good conversations. Great for family gatherings, corporate giveaways, and as presents for the many social groups you’re planning to meet.


Personal Wine and Cheese Break

Take me time to an all new high with this wine gift basket just for you! Reward yourself with choice Chardonnay, cheeses, and other savory pairings. How about sending one to a loved one who deserves it just as much?


Birthday Wine Box

Celebrate another year with a birthday gift basket that’s as colorful as life! Surround the woman of the hour with the love of family and friends – complete with wine and birthday-themed goodies!


The Wine Zone

Get in the zone with family and friends over fine wine! Share glasses Moscato and Pinot Grigio over savory gourmet pairings such as cheese, mixed nuts, wine sticks, and other delights to enjoy while making hearty conversations. Celebrate holidays, birthdays, and special occasions with something festive as this!


Beach Night

Chill out with your girls for one last night as a bachelorette with this wine gift basket! Freshen up with scents from Bath & Body Works and raise your glasses of pink rose to the next chapter of your life. This care package also works as a spa treat for the special women closest to your heart.


Sauvi Blanc Gift Set

Plan a fancy night with your significant other and carry this wine gift basket wherever you want to spend it in! Enjoy glasses of Sauvignon Blanc and bites of artisan cheese, crisps, and sausages for anniversaries, date nights, and special moments in your relationship. Definitely worth celebrating!


Tomato Tomato

This wine gift basket is a fresh idea – as if from a garden! Have any recipient enjoy a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon paired with gourmet cheese, wine snacks, tomato-based treats, and accessories. Send one along for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations to family and friends.


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Champagne Gift Baskets

Every moment spent with the right people deserves a bottle of champagne! Serve these sparkling wine for both personal or professional occasions and make a lasting impression on your impeccable taste in gifts.

Dom Perignon Champagne Gift

Champs like you deserve rewarding sips of Dom Perignon for celebrating life’s wins. Victories of the people you love are also yours – make sure you remember to drink to that with family, friends, and even bosses and clients.


Veuve and Burberry Gift Set

Get your lady something for an occasion to remember! This rose wine crate comes with signature Burberry fragrance – perfect for smelling sophisticated on her special day! Anniversaries, birthdays, or even when you just want to make her feel loved, this is guaranteed to sweep her off her feet.


Champagne Celebration with Dom Perignon and Veuve

Any celebration you grace will be more elegant with a champagne gift basket just like this! Delight guests and hosts alike with smooth Dom Perignon and Veuve Clicquot champagne paired with chocolates, peanut brittle, and other gourmet treats. Send one for the holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, and even corporate events.


Barefoot Bubbly

Never leave someone feeling guilty about drinking with this scrumptious pairing! Let this champagne gift basket of Barefoot Bubbly matched with fruit-flavored gourmet treats bring life to any party – be it holidays, intimate gatherings, corporate events, as well as simple date nights with your significant other. Cheers!


Dom Perignon and Bentley Men’s Gift Basket

An exquisite pairing of Dom Perignon champagne and men’s products from Bentley makes up this premium gift basket. Surprise the fine man of the hour for birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions to celebrate his refined taste!


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Beer Gift Baskets

Planning casual drinking sessions with family or friends? Days like these call for ice-cold beer! Paired with decadent cheese, gourmet snacks, cold cuts, nuts, and assorted favorites, turn movie nights, barbecue parties, and spontaneous get-togethers into cherished memories!

Let’s Day Drink

For ladies and gents who brunch or simply love to unwind during the day! Our Let’s Day Drink gift set comes with a six-pack of Shocktop, mixed nuts, bruschetta, cheeses, and other snackables for some early-day celebration.


Sunday Fun Day

Make family time during weekends a special event with this gourmet gift basket of Sunday essentials! Perfect for outdoor barbecues or simple dinners while watching whatever game is on, enjoy bottles of beer and artisan snacks with your people.


Longboard Beer Party

For dad, your special someone, or other beer lovers such as yourself, this beer gift basket will make both ordinary days and special occasions the life of a party! Enjoy bottles of signature Longboard beer and snacks that complement this island lager.


Blue Moon Holiday Spirit

‘Tis the season of merrymaking with the people you love! Be it for intimate dinners with your buddies or Christmas parties with your peers, this beer gift basket is a great way to bond over stories and laughter no matter what the occasion is! Also comes with treats that go well with every bottle of Blue Moon. Cheers!


Jack Daniel’s Hard Lemonade

Enjoy 2 bottles of hard lemonade with your best bud after a long day at work! This alcohol gift basket of Jack Daniels and savory gourmet treats can give you the chill night you’ve been looking forward to.


Guinness Beer King

Invite your best bud over for a chill night at your place with this classic beer gift basket. Watch movies, root for your favorite teams, play video games, or simply hangout as you enjoy cans of Guinness Beer along with gourmet snacks that go well with every gulp. Cheers!


Nuts for Dad

Show Dad how much you’re nuts for him with this wooden crate thoughtfully filled with his favorite drink and treats! More than just a Father’s Day gift, this wooden box is ideal for birthdays and even simple tokens of appreciation for their love and hard work.


Life is Brewtiful

Sharing that quality time with your significant other? Make those sweet and lasting memories with two Sierra Nevada beers for a night of chill drinking. Enhance the liquor’s flavor by enjoying summer sausages, creamy cheese, and olive oil & sea salt crackers. Comes with “Life is brewtiful” memento for keeps!


Birthday Brew – Sierra Nevada

Send a pack of Sierra Nevada – along with snacks – to your buddies who’ll be celebrating their orbit outdoors. Perfect for camping, a catch-p by the fire, or a chill night at home for guys who love a handcrafted ale from the wild.

Also available in Shock Top and Blue Moon.


Deschutes Brewery Mirror Pond Pale Ale Deluxe Bouquet

Out on a fishing trip with the boys? Be sure to order one of these beer bouquets in advance! Along with six bottles of signature Deschutes Brewery’s Mirror Pond Pale Ale, celebrate your catch by snacking on gourmet caramel corn, olive oil & sea salt crackers, potato chips, and cheese.


The Office Break

Take the time to appreciate the people who make your success possible with this office gift basket. Filled with motivating gourmet treats and goodies plus beer from Bundaberg, colleagues, clients, and business partners can enjoy these contents for their birthdays, holiday celebrations, and other significant milestones.


Bud Light Party for One

Out on a fishing trip with the boys? Be sure to order one of these beer bouquets in advance! Along with six bottles of signature Deschutes Brewery’s Mirror Pond Pale Ale, celebrate your catch by snacking on gourmet caramel corn, olive oil & sea salt crackers, potato chips, and cheese.


Ninkasi Total Domination IPA Deluxe Bouquet

Be in control of the fun with a beer bouquet your peers will surely love you more for. This six-pack of Ninkasi Total Domination IPA comes with delicious gourmet goodness like blonde ale caramel corn, olive oil and sea salt crackers, potato chips, and beer cheese. Cheers to another weekend!


Blue Moon Gift Basket

Make a grand entrance to house parties with this metal tray of cool Blue Moon six-pack. Complete the fun by munching on dude ranch chips from Late July, delicious butter toffee pretzels, Mille Lacs beef sausage, and tomato basil cheese. Hang on to the quote beer heads like you should totally live by!


Deschutes Brewery Inversion IPA Deluxe Bouquet

Keep your family weekend grill sesh more interesting with this towering beer bouquet packed with six of Deschutes Brewery’s best bottles. Snack along complementary gourmet barbecue chips, short sausages, dipping pretzels, olive oil & sea salt crackers, beer mustard, and beer cheese spread with family and friends over awesome stories.



For that person in your life who likes his glass bottoms up, he’ll surely love this sleek premium gift box! With 2 bottles of Jack Daniel’s come savory artisan snacks to enjoy. Great for birthdays, a gesture of thanks, and anything in between.


IPA Gift Tray

Visiting your siblings? Share a beer gift basket just like the old times with two bottles of India Pale Ale by Lagunitas. Keep the conversation going while chowing down some gourmet favorites such as classic peanuts, blonde ale caramel corn, Beer Buddies rind & stout snack, pepper cheese spread, and beef sausage.


Ninkasi Vanilla Oatis Oatmeal Stout Deluxe Bouquet

The six-pack girls are waiting for: Ninkasi Vanilla Oatis Oatmeal Stout beer bouquet gets the fun going – with gourmet goods to boot! Savor every gulp with a bite of turkey sticks, olive oil and sea salt crackers, salt and pepper potato chips, beer cheese, and blonde ale caramel corn.


Longboard Beer Crate

Welcome guests with this wooden crate of four refreshing bottles of Longboard Island Lager! You’ll love swapping life tales over crunchy olive oil & sea salt crackers – deliciously paired with beer cheese spread – and gourmet beef sausage by Mille Lacs. What a way to get the night going!


Shock Top Deluxe Bouquet

Barge into fun fetes with booze beyond boring! Six Shock Top craft drink comes in this sleek, irresistible bouquet of beer, waiting to be shared between enjoyable party banter. Drink up to the tune of delicious beer combos such as beer mustard, beer cheese spread, dipping pretzels, barbecue chips, and crackers.


Beer Buddy

Dying for a quick hang with your best bud? Head to their place and bond over two smooth pale ales from Sierra Nevada with delicious Beer Buddies snacks. Chew on garlic summer sausage, roasted almonds, olive oil & salt crackers, and salted cashews in between hours of laughs and hearty talks.


Deschutes Black Butte Porter Deluxe Bouquet

The ultimate boys’ or girls’ night out starter pack is a 12-pound, 24” signature beer bouquet from Deschutes Brewery! Gather over this six-pack and enjoy its strength with gourmet snacks like caramel corn, Kettle potato chips, garlic summer sausage, olive oil & sea salt crackers, and good ol’ gouda cheese.


Lagunitas Beer Gift Box

Don’t know what to give craft beer lover? Any receiver would go nuts over this oversized Lagunita! This limited release is definitely larger yet with the same LAG kick. Enjoy its unique flavor with pairings like Millie Lacs vegetable-flavored cheese spread, shorty sausage, and crackers. Also comes with novelty glass.


Hop Valley Citrus Mistress Deluxe Bouquet

Fancy a good bottle of beer with a fruity twist? Holiday drinking hasn’t been this healthy! This bouquet of beer features six bottles of Hop Valley Citrus Mistress plus artisan flavors loved ones will finish in no time: shorty sausages, roasted cashews, pretzels, cheese bar, beer mustard, and barbecue chips.


IPA Beer Snack Bucket

Have snack time and chill delivered for family and friends with this beer gift basket! A bottle of Lagunitas IPA and artisan goodies like beer cheese calls for some good company.


Rogue Dead Guy Deluxe Bouquet

Keep quirky stories and meaningful talks alive with every bottle of this six-pack Roque Dead Guy beer bouquet. Decadent beer cheese, beer mustard, classic turkey jerky, Baked in Brooklyn sesame pretzel sticks, and long potato chips will definitely add life to any party. Never a dull moment with this bundle!


Shock Top Beer Gift Crate

Drink something from the top shelf! Down two premium Shock Top beers and pair it up with interesting flavors to up your drinking game. Enjoy these bottles with bites of summer sausages, chewy beer cheese, roasted cashews, and olive oil & sea salt crackers perfect with hot cheese beer dip.


Rogue Mocha Porter Deluxe Bouquet

How about a little delicious twist to whatever you are drinking to? This beer bouquet with a kick of mocha is made more interesting with gourmet picks like Duke’s original shorty sausages, olive oil & sea salt crackers, and Kettle sea salt & vinegar potato chips. Also comes with a cool bottle opener!


Blue Moon To Go

Looking for a quick gulp after a long day at work? The perfect night cap is on this handy package: two Blue Moon Belgian White beers, white cheddar cheese, and olive oil & sea salt crackers – both from Millie Lacs. You can have it delivered on-the-day you placed your order!


BBQ Beer King

Get the grill king in the family something to keep his reign with! This barbecue gift basket contains delicious pairings to match 2 bottles of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Great for outdoor lunches, watching games together, birthdays, and just for a good time with the people closest to your heart.


Bud Light Deluxe Bouquet

Celebrating life’s wins has never been this cool! A great way to cheer your friends on, this impressive 24”-tall beer bouquet is packed with six Bud Lights – comes with free bottle opener! Pair it up with snacks like gourmet chips, beef sausages, toffee butter roasted cashews, pretzels, and cheddar cheese.


Corona Beach Beer Gift Basket

Take the party down by the shores in summertime with this naughty-cal pack of signature beer products. Turn up those hot tunes and move your bodies over two bottles of Coronita. Also comes with a branded Corona glass to pass the good stuff along during slow hours on the beach.


Bud Light Anyone

Catch your crew’s interest with this bbq gift basket! Along with bottles of Bud Light and savory artisan snacks that go well with your grilled goods, all that’s left is a good game to watch!


Out of Office

Get a workaholic out of the office chair with this beer gift box! To take anyone’s mind off the stress and challenges of the corporate world, treat them to bottles of Longboard Island Lager and artisan snacks – plus a beer koozie! Getting one for yourself sounds like a good idea too!


The Lagunitas Beer Box

Here’s a treat you can surprise your boys with! This beer gift box of Lagunitas IPA and gourmet snacks go well with game night, hanging out, or even for enjoying with your Sunday family barbecue. How about sending one to dad, a brother, or someone who you think deserves a good time to unwind?


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Got a celebration coming up? What will you be getting them? Let us know if we can help you choose the best one for the occasion! ?

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