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60+ Thanksgiving Gift Baskets to be Grateful For

Share another unforgettable holiday with the people closest to your heart with these premium Thanksgiving gift baskets. Featuring gourmet entrées made with only the finest ingredients, mouthwatering appetizers, side dishes, and classic wine pairings, tag along these merry packages to this season’s get-togethers!


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Chocolate Gift Baskets

Gourmet Gift Baskets

Bring the heartwarming tastes of fall into the homes of family and friends with professionally curated gourmet choices! Welcome the new season with hearty delicacies to share over Thanksgiving get-togethers and raise your glasses to another wonderful year!

High Street Food and Gourmet Gift Basket

The gourmet lovers in your life will certainly go gaga over these healthy selections! Good for any occasion such as Thanksgiving, housewarming parties, intimate dinners, and even simple gatherings, this gourmet gift basket will definitely be a crowd-pleaser!


Shimmering Gourmet Gift Tower

Add some California lovin’ to someone’s table by bringing sweet and delectable treats to the people you want to send your love and thoughts to. Not just for family and friends, this gift box is an excellent choice for holidays, special occasions, corporate giveaways, and even raffle prizes!


Black Tie VIP Elegance

Treat family and loved ones like the VIP that they are with this extra classy chocolate gift basket! A timeless choice for any special occasion, let this elegant package dazzle party guests, birthday celebrants, and your significant other on anniversaries. Turn them to corporate gifts and wow clients!


Sincere Thanks Red Wine Gift Basket

Fancy a lovely present? Arrive in style in formal events, fine soirees, and elegant get-togethers with this gourmet gift basket of artisan goodness. A definite crowd-pleaser, the sleek gold gift box of carefully curated flavors aim to satisfy passionate palates. Perfect for the VIPs in your life for any occasion.


Gourmet Delight Gift Basket

Celebrate the wonderful colors of fall in all its sophistication with this premium gift basket! Filled with classy gourmet picks like strudel, scrumptious chocolate cookies, decadent cheese, and other artisan snacks, your family, friends, clients, and colleagues will look forward to indulging themselves in these selections.


Golden Delights Gift

Something classy for the people you care about! This premium gift basket is filled with gourmet picks that will indulge even the most refined palates. Smoked salmon, cheese, caviar, cookies, chocolates – name it – holidays, special occasions, and birthdays will become golden moments with this!


Gourmet Glory Gift Basket

Such a classy premium gift basket is the crowning glory of any celebration! Be it holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other important milestone in life, indulge loved ones and even colleagues with gourmet goodies such as chocolates, popcorn, cookies, signature tea, and other decadent treats.


Delightful Decadence Desert Gift Basket

For the sweet tooths in your life – just as yourself! Present them this chocolate gift basket of luscious picks from world-known chocolatiers. Holidays, milestones, birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions are a notch classier with an elegant package like this.


Classic Gourmet Salami & Cheese

Who’s up for a grand gourmet picnic? Answer – anyone! Surprise the palates of family and friends with this sleek black tray filled with savory snacks. Perfect for housewarming parties, intimate get-togethers, and even classic date nights over wine!


The Sweetest Gift Tower

Make a stunning entrance to your holiday celebrations with this grand gift of gourmet goodies! Dazzle party hosts, family, friends, and colleagues with this holiday gift tower filled with an assortment of yummy cookies, jellies, chocolate brownie, caramel, and artisan popcorn. Definitely looks good on the Christmas table or beside the tree!


Deluxe Dinner Holiday Gift

Start new family traditions over the holidays and other special occasions with this premium gift basket. Arranged elegantly in its rustic base are classic favorites such as scrumptious cookies, decadent chocolates, and other gourmet finds loved ones will indulge right in on!


Signature Starbucks Houseblend

Never run out of ways of saying “thanks” again: This Kraft box filled with signature treats from Starbucks make for a satisfying Thanksgiving or holiday present for family and friends – and even for yourself! Also a good idea for corporate gifts and care packages for coffee lovers in your life.


First Impression Gift Basket

Aesthetically pleasing in sleek shades of black and gold, compliment someone with something as exquisite as your taste with this premium gift basket! Gourmet picks like caviar, smoked salmon, cheese, chocolates, and other artisan selections will surely impress even the most picky palates of your family, friends, clients, and colleagues. What a way to bless someone’s table!


Holiday Wine Themed Gift

Impress family and friends with something that shines this season! This holiday gift basket beams with a sweet and savory gourmet treat that are perfect for the many gatherings to come.


Men At Work Gift Basket

Indulge the men closest to your heart with this gift basket for him filled with delectable gourmet goods that any gentleman will fancy. Birthdays, Father’s Day, holidays, different occasions, and even on simple days when he deserves the most delicious picks – this has you covered!


The Executive

This premium gift basket for anniversaries, holidays, corporate giveaways, and personal gifting is filled with scrumptious artisan treats. From cookies, cheeses, crackers, and other snacks that you can pair with wine, celebrate good times with this savory package!


The Perfect Artisan Collection

Impress anyone – even those with the most pickiest palate – with the ultimate artisan experience! This gift basket for foodies is any gourmet enthusiast’s dream come true: sausage, crackers, and other delectable choices make for no-brainer packages to send warm holiday greetings to family and friends, a thank-you gesture for colleagues and clients, and days when you just want to send someone a dose of your refined tastes!


Home Sweet Home Gift Box

Your loved ones can get a taste of home with the gourmet contents of this premium gift basket. Here to grant family and friends some warm and comforting food are chocolates, cookies, snack mixes, and other artisan treats. Perfect for holidays, visits, wishing someone back to good health, and even for extending sympathies.


Cookie and Brachetto

Make a stunning entrance to your celebrations with this grand gift of gourmet goodies! Dazzle party hosts, family, friends, and colleagues with this towering premium gift basket filled with an assortment of yummy cookies paired with Brachetto and Moscato. Definitely looks good on any occasion!


Masculine Munchies Gift

There’s nothing like a homecooked meal to a man’s heart. But California Smoked Almonds, Sorrento Chocolate Truffle Cocoa, and other gourmet favorites in this basket sound just as comforting. Whether it’s his birthday, a milestone in the office, or a simple thanks, you’ll never go wrong with a basket of exquisite munchies.


Home Style Soup Gift

Warm up those freezing holiday nights with this combo of classic peanuts, candies, brew coffee and more! This holiday gift basket awaits to be delivered to your friends and relatives’ enjoyment – the perfect fireplace meal.


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Healthy Gift Baskets

Want something to balance out the holiday feast? Pick out one of our healthy gift baskets to bless your table with farm-fresh produce and nutritious selections for the whole family. Filled with fruits of season, a variety of cheese, deli meat, and guilt-free desserts, aren’t you just excited to list down your well-being to things you’re thankful for?

Share The Health Fresh Fruit Gift Basket

Give your loved ones and friends a gift of healthy options to show them how much you care! This Kraft box filled with guiltless goodies is perfect for holidays, get-well visits, presents to show gratitude, or even simple welcome packages – a good idea for corporate giveaways too!


Fall Snacker

Welcome the chills of fall with some of the season’s favorites in this Thanksgiving gift basket! Gourmet bites like crisps, meat sticks, dried fruits, and other savory goodies can give the recipient more reasons to be grateful this year!


Sweetly Sugar-Free Fresh Fruit Gift Basket

Thoughtful words and powerful prayers can heal. But there’s nothing like saying “I wish you good health” than with a fruit and organic cheese basket from the farmers market. This is the kind of treat that will only invigorate your loved ones – all-natural and, surely, from the heart.


Olive Oil Spa Gift Crate

For celebrations with the people closest to your heart, hand over this gourmet gift basket of artisan favorites fit for a chef! Pasta pairings, crisps, olives, and other savory flavors are elegantly arranged and curated for any recipient’s dining pleasure.


California Fruit and Cheese Gift Box

Wish someone good health, say “thank you,” and surprise family and friends during visits with this gift basket of healthy selections! A mix of fresh fruits, creamy cheese products, crackers, and meat, snack time has never been more guiltlessly indulgent. Perfect for sharing, too!


Simply Sugar Free Gift Basket

Show someone your sweet side with this chocolate gift basket mixed with a variety of gourmet goodies! Indulge someone in luscious jellies, sugar-free candies, and other artisan treats for holidays, housewarming parties, and even for corporate gifting to clients and business partners.


Savory Sophistication Gourmet

Offer an artisan array of delicious picks inside this gourmet gift basket! For both your personal and corporate gifting, indulge someone in decadent varieties of cheese, olives, and your choice of pasta and sauce. Holidays, intimate gatherings, and other occasions are made more special when spent over this delightful curation!


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Alcohol Gift Baskets

Make a toast to the things and people you have come to appreciate this year with our fine collection of wine gift baskets. Matched meticulously with luscious chocolates, decadent cheese, and other exciting flavors, make your celebrations classier with drinks aged just right.

Sparkling California and Artisanal Delights

Send away this exquisite gift crate as a personal gift to loved ones and friends on any occasion, or to clients and business partners as corporate giveaways. Either way, recipients will have their palates on a gastronomic affair with the contents as delightful as the giver!


Meat & Cheese Wooden Gift Crate

Spread a blanket and feel the warmth of California’s golden breezes when this fabulous cheese gift basket arrives! This crate of gourmet favorites is your new go-to present to surprise hosts for those intimate gatherings, classy dinners, and other wine-and-dine celebrations. Awesome pick for a date night too!


The Wine Zone

Get in the zone with family and friends over fine wine! Share glasses Moscato and Pinot Grigio over savory gourmet pairings such as cheese, mixed nuts, wine sticks, and other delights to enjoy while making hearty conversations. Celebrate holidays, birthdays, and special occasions with something festive as this!


White Wine Gift Basket

Wedding giveaways, holiday presents, or a surprise package for a special someone – this wine gift basket is a versatile choice, with bottles of Moscato and Pinot Grigio plus artisan pairings.


Deluxe Cheese and Snack Board

Fancy a drink with the people closest to you? Make sure you only sip those exquisite liquor with the contents of this gourmet cheese gift basket. Your loved ones will surely welcome this collection of delicious wine pairings and be grateful to you for them – such a display of your fine taste!


24″ Wine Tower in Black (Choose Wine)

Make a grand entrance to any event with this elegant wine tower! With gourmet pairings such as toffee caramels, assorted cookies, artisan meat, and other savory flavors, choose your drink from our extensive selections and celebrate life’s best moments – holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, and more!


Cheeseboard Complete Ultimate

Just imagine entering any occasion with your hands filled with this delectable cheese gift basket! Family, friends, and party guests would love to sip on their fine wine with the perfect pairings that come with the ultimate cheese board package. Make Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even just simple dinners more special with these crowd-pleasers!


You Had Me At Merlot

Here’s a lovely idea for date nights, intimate gatherings, and special occasions – a wine gift basket featuring bottles of Merlot and Cabernet and gourmet pasta pairings! Good for both personal and corporate gifting.


Ultimate Meat & Cheese Wooden Gift Crate

Here’s a lovely idea for date nights, intimate gatherings, and special occasions – a wine gift basket featuring bottles of Merlot and Cabernet and gourmet pasta pairings! Good for both personal and corporate gifting.


Blue Moon Holiday Spirit

‘Tis the season of merrymaking with the people you love! Be it for intimate dinners with your buddies or Christmas parties with your peers, this beer gift basket is a great way to bond over stories and laughter no matter what the occasion is! Also comes with treats that go well with every bottle of Blue Moon. Cheers!


Deluxe Meat & Cheese Wooden Gift Crate

Get gourmet with this cheese gift basket matched with artisan deli meat and other flavors that go with your classy wine nights. Treat family and loved ones over holidays, special occasions, and even intimate get-togethers to the taste of the delectable contents of this wooden package. Raise your glasses, laugh your hearts out, and take bites of such delectable picks!


Tomato Tomato

This wine gift basket is a fresh idea – as if from a garden! Have any recipient enjoy a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon paired with gourmet cheese, wine snacks, tomato-based treats, and accessories. Send one along for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations to family and friends.


Guinness Beer King

Invite your best bud over for a chill night at your place with this classic beer gift basket. Watch movies, root for your favorite teams, play video games, or simply hangout as you enjoy cans of Guinness Beer along with gourmet snacks that go well with every gulp. Cheers!


Wine Country Holiday Bountiful Gift Basket

Indulge your family, friends, colleagues, and even clients in the smooth and suave flavors in this holiday gift basket. The artisan collection features the award-winning Wine Glacé along with gourmet wine cheese, classic crackers, caviar, and other delightful pairings with fine liquor. Cheers to more memorable Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other celebrations!


The Zeal

Every celebration deserves some fine wine and artisanal pairings. For your holiday festivities, family gatherings, and other milestones in life that’s worth raising glasses to, this wine gift basket is loaded with curated treats to remember the day by. Order in advance for anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, and as corporate giveaways!


Off the Vine Gift

Let everyone in on your classy tastes with this golden premium gift basket! Filled with decadent wine pairings such as cheese, pastries, classic crackers, and other gourmet picks, wine night with family and friends will be one for the books with the award-winning Wine Glacé! How about sending this to clients and business partners too?


Wine & Pasta

Let everyone in on your classy tastes with this golden premium gift basket! Filled with decadent wine pairings such as cheese, pastries, classic crackers, and other gourmet picks, wine night with family and friends will be one for the books with the award-winning Wine Glacé! How about sending this to clients and business partners too?


The Party Crate

Get the happenings started when you show up with this crate filled with gourmet food! Delight party hosts and guests with scrumptious artisan selections and bottles of fine wine. Create meaningful mealtime memories during ntimate gatherings, holiday dinners, corporate events, and other celebrations with family and friends.


24″ Wine Tower in Gold (Choose Wine)

Make a grand entrance to any event with this elegant wine tower! With gourmet pairings such as toffee caramels, assorted cookies, artisan meat, and other savory flavors, choose your drink from our extensive selections and celebrate life’s best moments – holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, and more!


The Italian Home

Make loved ones experience Italian cuisine at the comfort of their own homes. Filled with wine and pasta pairings plus other gourmet selections, holidays, get-togethers, visits to your folks, and other occasions will be delizioso!


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Family & Corporate Gift Baskets

Gather all your social circles for the holidays and have an indulgent feast featuring these gourmet picks! With these, exchange memorable quips, laugh out loud, and share Thanksgiving gratitude for large family dinners, office celebrations, party with your closest friends, and all events you have lined up for the season.

Gourmet Grandeur

Greet loved ones the best of the holidays with this generous gourmet gift basket of artisan-flavored delicacies perfect for sharing over lovely catch-ups, hearty laughter, and intimate meals. Get the celebrations started when you enter a gathering with this grand collection of crowd favorites!


The Whole Gang

Just take a look at this super satisfying snack basket for the whole squad! Big families and close-knit groups of friends will surely enjoy the variety of gourmet treats – from chocolates, cookies, and other mouthwatering munchies for sharing! Also perfect to gift gracious hosts of intimate celebrations.


In Good Company

Commend the team for a year of job well done with this gift basket of artisan specials they can either snack on at the pantry or bring home to their families for the holidays! If not for your workmates, how about sending this gourmet gift basket to loved ones for Thanksgiving and intimate gatherings?


Office Delights

Nothing boosts productivity like a delicious bunch of snacks that’s sure to wake the whole office up! Rally the team together in the pantry to enjoy gourmet treats in this corporate gift basket over cups of coffee and good conversations. Perfect for unwinding in the middle of the day!


The Vino Office Party

Wish the best of the season to your team with this wine gift basket filled with curated goods that make the holidays another one for the books! Along with 2 bottles of chardonnay, delicious pairings such as cheese, crackers, and other savory goodies are meant to be shared over hearty laughs and good conversations. Great for family gatherings, corporate giveaways, and as presents for the many social groups you’re planning to meet.


The Office Break

Take the time to appreciate the people who make your success possible with this office gift basket. Filled with motivating gourmet treats and goodies plus beer from Bundaberg, colleagues, clients, and business partners can enjoy these contents for their birthdays, holiday celebrations, and other significant milestones.


The Dinner Party

Surprise relatives on holiday visits, party hosts and guests on soirees, and friends on intimate get-togethers with this rustic gourmet gift! Savory pasta pairings, classic crisps, and other scrumptious flavors are carefully curated to make a hearty dinner for the people closest to your heart whatever the occasion is!


Grande Wine Dinner

Shower someone with an elegant surprise with this prestigious wine gift basket! Family, friends, colleagues, clients, and the people on your gifting list can sip rich, fine wine from Chateau Ste. Michelle while enjoying decadent wine pairings such as gourmet cheese, crackers, sausages, and other artisan picks. To add more flavor to the occasion, have the recipients enjoy prime pasta-and-sauce choices. Also comes with preparation essentials for the perfect gathering. Make holidays and other intimate celebrations more memorable with this package!


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Chocolate Gift Baskets

Make a gesture as sweet as you are with gift baskets of luscious chocolates from some of the renowned chocolatiers in the industry – delicious additions to your list of things to be grateful for this year! Your loved ones and pals are going to love these too!

Ultimate Golden Godiva Tower

Take the people closest to your heart to new heights of indulgence for moments as grand as this tower of sweets! Housed in six gold boxes, give the gift of Godiva to the ones you esteem as VIP in your life for the grandest birthday bash, anniversary, and even weddings.


Grand Godiva

Feast your eyes – and taste buds – on the grandeur of this gift basket from Godiva. Curated chocolate products selected specially to delight sweet tooths, connoisseur, and the people closest to your heart! This woven set holds delectable choices as sweet as you.


Chocolate Delights Basket

Nothing is as sweet as receiving a gift basket full of decadent goodies that will please chocolate lovers of any age! Ring in any special occasion with luscious chocolate products carefully curated to satisfy cravings. Friends and loved ones are definitely in for a treat!


Godiva Milk Chocolate Expressions

Express your thoughts and feelings by giving something just as sweet. Godiva carefully curated its signature collection of milk chocolate products to treat the ones you love with expertly crafted indulgence. This gift box is also ideal for any occasion, for any recipient who is a certified chocolate lover – so you’ll never go wrong!


VIP Sweet & Savory Selection Tower

Premium in form and exquisite in flavors of contents, this towering VIP gift boxes of sweet and savory selections will have recipients taking pride like champs! Every layer contains gourmet goodies that only aim to please. Aim new heights with this gift for all seasons – holidays, corporate events, and more.


Golden Chocolate Sampler

By the looks of it, this golden, elegant gift box is surely a stunner that would leave any recipient in awe. What’s inside will deliciously dazzle any sweet lover like you! This will give your friends and loved ones a taste of some of the most well-known chocolatiers in the industry.


California Delicious Signature Ghirardelli Tin Gift

Chocolates could mean a lot of things. From “thank you,” “I love you,” and other expressions of good cheer, well wishes, and remembrances, you can never go wrong with choosing this signature, classic gift tin for the people closest to your heart. That also includes yourself, if you’re into sweet escapes for the mouth just like this!


Majestic Godiva

Make a grand entrance to any celebration with this Godiva gift basket! With irresistibly rich and delicious chocolates to satisfy sweet cravings, what’s a birthday, anniversary, and life milestones without her majesty? Also makes a great corporate giveaway for clients and partners, right?


Devilishly Chocolate Dipped Cookies

Something round, sweet, elegant, and thoughtful comes your loved ones’ way when you send them this delectable gift tin of devilishly good chocolate-dipped cookies. In case you are also looking for some sinful indulgence, why not sink your teeth into these rich and luscious treats? No need to wait for an appropriate occasion to give this away – it’s timeless!


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Prepping for the holidays ahead? Check out our collection of holiday gift baskets to send out to anyone in your gift list. How about getting some for your home to indulge your guests with?

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