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How it all started…

We didn’t find what we’re looking for in a gift basket anywhere, so we created the gift baskets of our dreams. Yes, it was simple like that! We wanted to have something that is made with love and feels personal yet with an affordable price. And, here we are with a team of gift freaks who are always on duty for designing gift baskets that leave your gift recipients in awe and help you in communicating your feelings in the most beautiful way.

We know that finding the perfect gift takes a lot of effort; feeling sometimes like a lot of pleasure. In 2015, we decided to make it an easy breezy enjoyable experience; delivering you bountiful gift baskets at jet speed with an affordable price.

Your Gift Basket Voyage

Gourmet Food Selection

This is the first and most important station in our gift baskets voyage. We spend much time on selecting the most delicious gourmet treats and finest drinks out there for you to create long-lasting memories for any occasion with every sip and bite.

Mix n’ Match

This our favorite part! You may think that the items placed in our gift baskets just happened to be there. But no! The irresistible gourmet items placed in your gift basket are not there by a mere coincidence. They’ve been selected and placed with our families and friends’ different tastes in mind.

Occasion Shopping

Here comes your part. It’s your chance to express yourself and give with Jet Gift Basket’s numerous gift sets. Shop for your gift basket by choosing your occasion or just the items you love.

Jet speed Delivery

After you choose your favorite gift basket, we deliver it to your recipient’s doorstep or to you the same day for you to share the good vibes the time you feel like doing it.

Gifting is an Art

Our experts know how to make a lasting impression with our gift baskets. We know when to complement your orchids with heart-melting chocolate-covered strawberries. And, what are the best occasions for fruit gift baskets, or what to include in your corporate gift baskets. Just like a flower bouquet, our gourmet food gift baskets are made with love and meticulously arranged with the finest details in mind to help you in delivering heart-warming wishes & feels.

Bountiful Gift Baskets For All Occasions

Our aim is to be your go-to-destination for any occasion. Whether it’s your wedding anniversary or Valentine’s Day, your best friend’s birthday, this romantic dinner you’ve been waiting for or even an unpleasant event like a funeral. Like, you can never go wrong with our signature birthday gift basket “The Bakery Gift Tower” which has four beautifully crafted matte finished boxes filled to the brim with mouthwatering crisp cookies and gooey gourmet brownies. We just happen to have a gift basket for any occasion; weddings, funerals, Mother’s Day, birthdays, a gift for no reason just because you want to, you name it! Our baskets are arranged to please eyes and melt hearts whether it’s for your family, friends or clients.

Talking to You Make Us Happy

We love it when we get to help you in choosing your gift basket. Remember, it’s the thing we do best. So, calling our customer service for any inquiries is always a good idea; support with choosing your gift basket, gift basket tracking, order placement, you name it. Our customer service team are professional gift freaks who will efficiently and happily help you throughout your purchase.

It’s nice to meet you! Let’s stay in touch!

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