Heavenly goodness from the best in the business

Give the people closest to you a taste of divine bliss as they open a basketful of signature Godiva products. Dreamy and luscious chocolates in Godiva gift baskets can take anyone on a scrumptious adventure to celebrate any occasion on your calendar.

Meticulously put together to deliver a message of love and appreciation to the ones you care for, we made each package with thoroughness to match flavors and satisfy even the pickiest palates - Birthday Cake, Butterscotch, Walnut, Salted Almond, Aztec Spice, Cappuccino, Salted Caramel, Double Chocolate Raspberry, Dark Chocolate – you name it, we got it!

Either in truffles, chocolate samplers, pretzels, classic bars, and other delicious forms, surprise someone with elegant gift ideas such as our Majestic Godiva. Filled with irresistible sweets in its golden haven, this is truly something well-deserved by the people you treat like royalty.

And if you think that you can’t top this anymore, our Ultimate Golden Godiva Tower literally takes gift-giving to whole new heights! Every layer of this grandeur comes with exquisite choices from the sweets connoisseur.

For those occasions when the family gets together to bond, we also have themed Godiva gift baskets for events like Easter, Mother’s Day, and holidays.

The perfect pairs for Godiva Chocolate Gift Baskets

Do you know what goes well with chocolates? Our wine gift baskets! Enjoy a romantic night with your special someone over chocolate and liquor, or have them over some of our decadent

Your one-stop gift shop for all occasions!

Life is filled with beautiful moments worth celebrating. Gifts speak volumes words sometimes fail to express. Although we get busier by the minute, we wouldn’t want this to compromise how we show our appreciation for the people we love, right? That’s why we put together an extensive collection of gift baskets for your most valued milestones. What’s in it for us? We simply value the days most meaningful to you.

Spend another loving year with your significant other with premium anniversary gift baskets laden with artisan-flavored selections. Look back on the joys of your relationship over gift baskets with wine and bond over the decadent choices from the best connoisseurs in the industry! Beat the norm during birthdays! Instead of cakes, we have exciting birthday gift baskets both children and the young-at-heart will definitely love. Any celebrant would enjoy a tower of treats filled to the brim with luscious sweets and themed to fit the occasion. It’s a bonanza indeed! Different celebrations call for unique and interesting measures. Make big or intimate family gatherings more complete with holiday gift baskets. Commend a job well done, extend sympathies, and build good professional relations with gift baskets that communicate any message you’re trying to send across – in a rather delicious manner! Something special for the gents, gift baskets for kids to go gaga over, or classy care packages for women in your life – it’s all in one place. All you have to do is browse online, select what you think the receiver would like best, and place your order.

Why trust us?

Aside from our impeccable taste for all things good and gourmet, every gift basket idea we combine is made with love. We understand how daunting a task it is at times to pick out the perfect present – let alone the time pressure it entails. As master gifters (yes, there is such a thing), we put in the hard work for you already! Professionally curated, we mix and match top-shelf products that complement each other for your gastronomical pleasure.

And oh, don’t worry about losing your personal touch on these elegant packages. You can always write an intimate note to go with your present, and we can tuck it in your purchase! What’s more is that these gift baskets for delivery can reach your intended recipients on the same day you place your order. You can also book it in advance if you fear forgetting to get that special someone his or her gift on time.

We’re excited to see which of our gift baskets make it to your checkout to make someone’s day. Happy shopping!