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Beer Lovers Gift Pail


Whether it’s your dad, brother, or special guy in your life, he’s probably ready for a beer fest whatever season it is! No, we’re not packing him any beer’he’s probably got some in the fridge already. Instead, we’re supplying everything else he’ll need for an awesome beer night alone or with his buddies. We’ve got loads of beer nuts, beer chips, beer cheese, cheese and bacon potato crisps, and cheese and ale pretzels. We’ve even included beer-flavored seasonings for his favorite chicken or sausage dishes. There’s even a 300-page beer guide to the best beers in the world! Everything’s packed and wrapped into a nifty steel pail for his convenience.

Earliest Delivery Date: October 2, 2023

What's Inside?

  • Bavarian Beer Cheese
  • Beer Can Chicken Seasoning
  • Beer Nuts
  • Beer N Brat Mustard
  • Beer Nuts Bar Mix
  • Beer Guide
  • Cheddar and Ale Pretzels
  • Cheddar and Bacon Potato Crisps
  • Guinness Beer Chips
  • Jelly Belly’s Draft Beer Jelly Beans
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