Boo Mania Halloween Bouquet


Make the spooky season extra thrilling with this Halloween-themed gift set! It comes as a bouquet of treats that will make scary story time extra indulgent, with treats like Oreo cookies, marshmallows, chocolate bars, sweet tarts, eyeball lollipops, and even a monster ball and cup game!

Out of stock

Earliest Delivery Date: April 3, 2023

What's Inside?

  • Bat Bats Halloween Box with Bats & Goblins Candies
  • Eyeball Lollipop
  • 2 Friendly Ghosts Chocolate Cream Lollipop
  • Gummy Bugs
  • Gummy Skeletons (2 pcs)
  • Halloween Pretzels Bats and Pumpkins
  • Hershey Classic Chocolate Bar Mini
  • Jett Puff Halloween Fruit flavored Halloween Shaped Marshmallows
  • Kit Kat Chocolate Bar Mini
  • Mini Oreo Bites Cookies
  • Monster Ball and Cup Game
  • Reese's Peanut Putter filled Halloween Pumpkin
  • Skulls & Bones Sweet Tarts
  • Trick or Treat Halloween Microwave Popcorn
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