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Doggie Hugs Gift


If you want to give your favorite pet dog a get-well-soon present, why not give them this gift basket? It’s filled with different essentials that can help your dog recover and feel better. To make sure that they eat their medicine, we have included a Pill Pocket so you can hide their meds inside a delicious treat. It also comes with a pill container where you can store your dog’s medicines. Lastly, we have also added some mouthwatering treats to make sure your buddy feels better soon.

Earliest Delivery Date: September 29, 2023

Add a handwritten gift card ($1.25)

    What's Inside?

    • Bakery Fresh Hand Iced Gourmet Dog Biscuit
    • Daily Pill Minder
    • Hemp Seed Banana Crunchy Dog Treats
    • Pill Pocket Treats
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