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Freshly-Baked Goodness Gift Basket


Gift some warm hugs in the form of baked goodies with our Freshly-Baked Goodness Gift Basket. Anyone having a bad day or needing a little boost will appreciate this sweet selection.

Send this gift basket with forty-seven individually wrapped cookies, brownies, and cakes over to the sweet tooth in your life – perfect for birthdays, corporate giftings, housewarmings, or simply when you want to gift a tasty love letter to family and friends.

Earliest Delivery Date: September 22, 2021

What's Inside?

  • Blondie Brownies w/Chocolate Chips (5pc)
  • Chocolate Brownies w/Chocolate Chips (5pc)
  • Classic Butter Shortbread Cookie (5pc)
  • Coffee Brownies w/Chocolate Chips (5pc)
  • Cookie Brownie w/White Chocolate (5pc)
  • Cookie Butter Cake (4pc)
  • Cookie White & Milk Chocolate Chip (5pc)
  • Cookie White Chocolate Chip & Cranberry (5pc)
  • Lemon Cake (4pc)
  • Raspberry Cake (4pc)
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