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Good Pet and Owner Treats Gifts


Need to send an impressive pet and owner-themed gift? Our Good Pet and Owner Treats Gift basket may just fit your needs. Filled with a large selection of biscuits and treats to satisfy one or more spoiled pet and their owners or enough to treat a whole kennel full of pets, techs, and vets; this pet lover gift delivers in a very real way. A perfect pet and person gift for vet clinics, shelters, fundraisers, veterinarians, breeders and even for that one or two spoiled pet that are something to bark about.

Add a handwritten gift card ($1.25)

    What's Inside?

    For the owner:
    • Chocolate Chiffon Salt Water Taffy
    • Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookies
    • Dolcetto Chocolate Pastry
    • Fontazzi Butter Toffee Pretzels
    • Smoked Wild Salmon
    • Three Cheese Sourdough Crackers
    • Three Pepper Blend Water Crackers
    • Three Smoked Gouda Creamy Cheese Spreads
    • Two Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels Individually Wrapped
    For the dog:
    • Bone-Shaped Cookie Cutter
    • Bonne et Filou Handmade Human-Grade Macaron Dog Treats
    • Cassidy's Gourmet Biscuit Mix
    • Four Brew-Yahs! Peanut Butter Dog Treats Bag
    • Large Bronze Metal Oval Container
    • Molasses Crisped Blueberry Oat Lazy Dog Biscuits
    • Rabbit and Pumpkin Dog Treats 5 oz.
    • Two Bakery Fresh Hand Iced Gourmet Dog Biscuits
    • Wiggle Biskets All Natural Chicken Dog Treats
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