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The Essence of Lavender Spa Gift Basket


Give her the ultimate spa indulgence with this lovely gift basket filled with all her favorite spa treatments. Infused with the exquisite essence of lavender, every surprise in this sweet willow tray is a soothing treat for the mind and body. Pamper her with lavender-scented body mist and lotion. Turn her bath into a relaxing retreat with lavender rose petal fizzies, soap, and body gel. Even her room can become a spa experience with the lavender room spray, candles, and incense that we’ve carefully chosen for her. A truly delightful gift that shows how much she means to you.

Earliest Delivery Date: Tomorrow

What's Inside?

  • Bath Loofah
  • Bath Pillow
  • Body Massager
  • Body Massager and Washer
  • Foot Roller Massager
  • Lavender Bath Salts
  • Lavender Body Butter
  • Lavender Body Mist
  • Lavender Body Scrub
  • Lavender Body Soap
  • Lavender Body Wash Gel
  • Lavender Incense
  • Lavender Lotion
  • Lavender Room Spray
  • Lavender Rose Petal Fizzies
  • Pedicure Paddle with Brush
  • 2 Pillar Candles
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