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The Finest Dog Treats Gift


Give the finest dog this finest dog treat gift! This gift basket is filled with special biscuits and treats you can give to your one and only special pooch. All these biscuits come in many flavors and sizes to keep them interested and full. You can give them these biscuits as a dog reward while training them or just enough to spoil them once in a while.

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    What's Inside?

    • Bare Bites Beef Liver Dog Treats
    • Bonne et Filou Handmade Human-Grade Macaron Dog Treats
    • Brew-Yahs! Peanut Butter Dog Treats
    • Puppy Cake Premium Cake Mix and Frosting
    • Reusable Oval Tin Tub
    • Salmon & Mango Giant 7” Natural Dog Bone
    • Tummy Treats All Natural Salmon Dog Treats
    • Two Salmon & Mango Giant 7” Natural Dog Bones
    • Wiggle Biskets All Natural Chicken Dog Treats
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