Work from Home Survival Box


Our mini journal with prompts for confidence and goals can be an excellent tool for reflection and personal growth. Enjoying it with a cup of pour over coffee can create a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The addition of vanilla sugar cone crisps and coffee treats like chocolate covered espresso beans (or coffee candy in warmer months) can add a sweet and tasty touch to the gift. Overall, it’s a thoughtful and well-rounded present that shows care and consideration for the recipient.

Earliest Delivery Date: April 10, 2023

What's Inside?

  • “I Totally Got This” Mini Journa
  • Jocelyn & Co. Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans
  • Jocelyn & Co. Pour Over Coffee
  • Jocelyn & Co. Vanilla Sugar Cone Crisps
  • Sleek White and Gold Pen
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