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Why Gift Baskets are the Perfect Father’s Day Gift During These Times

Can you believe Father’s Day is almost here? We know it can be easy to lose track of time with all that’s happening in the world. So, we get you! Good news is you still have a lot of time to think about what to gift your dad and the other amazing dads in your life.

Now, social distancing has taught us to become savvier these days. With all the virtual get-togethers and Zoom happy hours, organizing one for Father’s Day won’t feel like rocket science.

If you want to celebrate dads within driving distance, you can surprise them with a family drive by with colorful signs and confetti – the last car cleans it, so get there early!

But if you really want to make him feel special, you’ll need to come up with something a bit more intimate – a gift for him from you.

Some say gift baskets are far from thoughtful.  But, honestly, most of us don’t have the knack for curating and creatively wrapping a basket with all the things he likes. And who wouldn’t love getting more than one gift, right?

Here are more reasons why sending gift baskets is genius during these times!

1. You Can Order It Online (Among the Other Things You Accidentally Added to Your Cart)

Since we are urged to social distance and forgo restaurant outings and other crowded spaces, everything is ordered online. Whether your recipient is near or far, contactless shopping is your safest bet.

Thanks to the internet, you can find a wide array of beautiful gift baskets that cater to dads’ passions and interests. And a well-curated one that displays the things he loves is a thoughtful gift in our book. So, while your browsing for stuff you probably already have, might as well skim through gift baskets that will put a smile on his face.

2. It’s Specially Made for Dads and Their Day

Your dad, your grandpa, your husband, or that inspiring man who’s like a dad to you are unique peas in a pod. They have their own quirks but we know a few things most dads surely love and a bunch of special items that will shoot to the heart.

For the beer-loving dad, this beer bouquet with a kick of mocha is made more interesting with gourmet picks. If you’re feeling grand, this Dom Perignon and Veuve Clicquot champagne basket will delight not just dads but anyone they share it with.

For the funny dad, the hardworking provider, the gentle papa, and all types of selfless fathers out there – here are 80+ gift basket ideas you can check out.

3. There’s a Massive Gourmet Selection Handled with Care and Crafted with Love

You’re most likely to get a decent product with careful research. But for a special day like this, we want something of quality and topnotch. Aside from an impeccable display of good quality and gourmet eats, you know a gift basket is from a respectable source if it’s professionally presented and handled with love and care.

So, with a few keyword searches, you can save yourself the headache of wondering what to get them for Father’s Day. Leave it to the master gifters!

4. You Can Mix n’ Match and Add Your Personal Touch

It’s time to get creative! Although these gift baskets are carefully selected with different tastes in mind, you know him best. Why not create a DIY Father’s Day gift basket and surprise him will all the things that’ll excite him?

And even though this is a material thing, after all, you can always make it personal and add an intangible expression of your love. You can write an intimate note, and we can tuck it in your present!

5. Jet Speed Delivery (Timelier Than Dad Jokes)

If you’re reading this last minute or if you want to prep in advance as part of a set of gifts, you can trust that it will be delivered to your doorstep or your recipient’s home the same day you ordered. So, unlike most dads’ punchlines that are lost in time, your gift will be there on Father’s Day!

And we think you know that even if their comedic timing is spot on, dad jokes are just plain silly sometimes. But like the dads we love, they light up the dinner table like no other.

So, do the same and light up their day with these adorable gift baskets crafted for all the courageous fathers in the world. Happy Father’s Day!

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