The newest man in the house!

Gather around for the latest addition to the family – an adorable baby boy! To extend your love, care, and support to the proud parents for bringing an adorable child into this world, our new baby gift baskets for boys are packages they will certainly look forward into opening!

Functional and easy on the eyes at the same time, these baby gift baskets for boys contain basic necessities required for newborns. For the little ones’ clothing, there are baby gowns, comfy onesies, their would-be first pairs of tops and bottoms, day wears, and sleeping garments.

Care kits are also on the table – these new baby gift baskets for boys also come with bath and hygiene essentials like soft towels, wet wipes for those nappy changes, mild soaps, moisturizing lotion, and other skincare products guaranteed safe with baby-friendly formula.

Other bundles have educational pieces in them such as bedtime storybooks, toys to strengthen fine motor skills, and huggable plush toys to grow up with! Some of the packages also have playthings little boys will surely enjoy exploring with.

New baby gift baskets for parents

Give it up for the son and the duo who will raise him up! Welcome the child’s folks to another exciting route in the parenting journey with premium packages they will surely appreciate! We’re talking about a range of scrumptious delights – from gourmet snacks to keep their energy up and about for long nights to luscious chocolates they can share over intimate moments when the lad is fast asleep.

Let’s not forget our congratulations gift baskets! While their baby boy is a blessing from above already, our collection of care packages for mom and dad add more reasons to celebrate the new life in their family. Simply browse our assortments online, take your pick, and place your order conveniently. We can deliver your purchase either on the same day or in advance. Plus, do you know we can tag a personal message from you to the recipient for an added thoughtful touch?