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Happy Munching Dog & Owner Gift


Nothing warms a heart of a pet lover than a thoughtful package that is also mindful of his or her four-legged bestfriend! This gift basket for dogs is filled with exciting bites like gourmet cookies, trail mix, and popcorn to celebrate slow days and special occasions with. For the pup, artisan dog treats await!

Earliest Delivery Date: October 2, 2023

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    What's Inside?

    For the owner:
    • All-natural classic sugar cookie kit (As seen on Shark Tank!)
    • Blueberry Pomegranate Trail Mix Crunch
    • Campfire Chili Fixin's (8 servings)
    • Fontazzi Butter Crunch Popcorn
    • Lake House Plaid Dishtowel
    For the dog:
    • Bakery-fresh hand-iced gourmet dog biscuit
    • Barkin Biskets 100% All-Natural Beef Dog Treats
    • Lazy Dog Biscuits Molasses Crisped Blueberry Oats
    • Peanut butter bone (wheat-corn-soy-free recipe) - Buy a bone, help give a dog a home! 5% of proceeds are donated to organizations that help animals in need.
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