Comfort with every bite

Offer more than words can express. Extend your compassion by going the extra mile – bring the bereaved family something healthy to share with each other during this hard time. Our collections feature the finest food pairings such as classic cheese and crackers, comforting chocolate, and other gourmet delicacies.

Sympathy gift baskets ideas

When spirits are down, one way to uplift them is through a gastronomical experience that you can give in baskets. These care packages filled with artisan-flavored delights can help restore strength and will to those who are grieving. Decadent cheese and luscious sweets combo are both guilt-free and satisfying to any recipient.

Healthy munches like juicy harvests of season come in our fruit gift baskets. Crispy apples and pears, sweet oranges, and other delicious choices have been carefully curated by our professional team to come up with sympathy gift baskets to comfort families during the most trying of times.

Versatile presents

Other than serving the purpose of consoling, these gift baskets gain added value when given to someone you love. How about sending one of these as get well gift baskets? You can quickly wish someone back to good health with nutritious selections. Perfect for hospital visits or when wishing speedy recovery to somebody.

Send a prayer of peace and blessings to a loved one along with gourmet delicacies that mimic the comfort of home and togetherness. Aside from quick bites, we’ve also packed calming tea and comforting soup that go well with the artisanal flavors of the scrumptious contents in each of these made-with-love packages. Heart-felt keepsakes such as healing and sympathy books remind the bereaved that they don’t have to go through this alone.

Let any of these thoughtful gift baskets lift the spirits of those who have been left behind. Make it more personal – we can add a sympathy card to go with the purchase of your choice.