We’ve only just vegan!

Whole foods, cruelty-free choices, and healthy selections await the recipients of our gift baskets for vegans! A diversity of fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, beans, and other plant-based products, there’s nothing boring about eating nutritious and guilt-free whole foods that support the green lifestyle. Send any of these to family and friends to promote the fullest well-being one can achieve.

Vegan gift baskets ideas

Support the vegan lady in your life with vegan gift baskets for her! Laden with gourmet desserts and other treats that were made without exploiting animal life, she will surely love the wide variety of picks she can enjoy without worrying. Plus, the contents are equally delicious and satisfyingly good too!

Wine anyone? Sip the best produce of vineyards and munch on the certified-vegan goodies that come in each of our vegan wine gift basket. Perfect for celebrations such as Christmas and other holidays, let’s make every event an animal-rights movement! No occasion sounds good, too – hangout, chill, or raise your night cap to these amazing packages.

Another year older and wiser – make it more personal with our well-loved vegan birthday gift baskets. Aside from giving something interest-based, why not hand over something that promotes what your intended recipient is living for? Lavish them with a bounty of fresh fruits of season and our expert-curated artisan flavors. Yum!

Get into the plant-based nutrition without the fear of missing out on the usual. These healthy gift baskets are just as promising as other gift ideas around! Browse our collection, take your pick, and place your order conveniently. We can deliver on the day you place your order or in advance, so you won’t forget to purchase something for that special someone. We can also tag a personal note along with your present for an added touch!