Oh goodie – cookies!

Leave any sweet lover craving for more with the delectable contents of the cookies gift baskets we’ve curated for special occasions. Chocolate-dipped, richly filled, adorably themed – you name it – our gourmet selections suit different events.

For both the classics and the simplest of joys

From occasions such as birthday parties for the young and old alike, Easter, holiday get-togethers, Mother’s or Father’s Day, Hanukkah, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and other important milestones in life, recipients are about to experience a whole new sugar rush. They also make thoughtful corporate giveaways, tokens of appreciation, and sweet gestures like get-well gifts.

Aside from these widely celebrated events, quaint moments are also perfect to bond over these artisan choices. Tea time with grandma, long talks with your significant other, quality time with your kids, and other meaningful days will go well with these presents – like cookies are better with milk! Oh, and did we mention we also have unique picks especially for pet owners? How cool is that!

Classy, fancy, tasty

How about an amazing combo of cookies and candy gift baskets? Our cookies range from traditional chocolate chip-filled, chocolate-covered, deliciously added fruity twist, macarooned, sprinkled, healthy oatmeal and raisin, and more interesting combinations to excite tastebuds. And because they are more enjoyable when artfully consumed, the lucky receivers are sure to indulge in our classic cookie pairings such as top-of-the-line favorite signature coffee, rich cocoa, pastries, baked goodies, soothing tea, assorted candies, classic crisps, gourmet popcorn, creamy spreads, sweet concoctions, and other artisan flavors.

Easy shopping

Packaged in elegant containers, these cookies gift baskets are also pleasant to the eyes – just as good as what's inside! Place an order of the product that caught your attention and we can have it shipped either on-the-day or in advance. Go the extra mile by adding a personalized note for the receiver and we will tag it along with your gift.