Did somebody say treats?

Toss them their favorite treats in their most chowed flavors with these adorable gift baskets for pets! Whether it's celebrating birthdays, adoption, and even holidays, your lovable animals should get on in the fun too! Pet owners closest to your heart will certainly gush over these cute packages for their fur babies.

It doesn’t matter if your intended recipient prefers cats or dogs – because we got something for both! Kitties with all their nine lives would definitely pounce on the irresistible, delicious contents of our gift baskets for cats. Get them purring on you for holidays, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and even on simple appreciation days for their humans.

Not to worry – our gift baskets for dog lovers are just as bow wow-tastic! Your beloved pooches will be chewing on treats a good boy totally deserves. And who says Halloween and Easter are just for kids? You can now let those pups tag along in the merriment with themed packages just for them! Those tails will wag at a whiff of signature dog treats like gourmet biscuits and chips.

For furr-ents and their precious ones

What’s in it for the owners? These cute packages come with luscious chocolates, wafer bites, decadent cheese, classic crackers, cookies, salt water taffy, and various types of nuts. Some gift baskets also come with a premium cake mix they’d want to bake for their tamed companion. What makes these unique gifting ideas worth it is it gives both pet and owner something to bond over more than the usual walks and strokes.

We asked professionals to come up with the best gift baskets for pets and owners to share on the most memorable days. Safe and satisfying for either cats or dogs, these pet-friendly choices are interestingly different from other presents - some also come with chewables and cute toys pet lovers will enjoy playing with their four-legged friends! Gourmet cookies and other treats galore! For a really personal touch, why don’t you ask us to tuck a letter from you to the recipient along your purchase?