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Your Go-To Gift Guide for 2021



2020 was transformative, to say the least. We all had our ups and downs, but we never forget to give and give. They say 2021 is the “age of love,” and we truly hope so because don’t we all wish for an absolutely better year? Yep, we’re excited to greet the new decade with wide, hopeful eyes. ?

So, let this guide be your own magical chest of spirit-lifting gifts that will inspire your friends and family to brave the new year ahead. Cheers!

1. Wine Gift Basket


Start the year off with a celebration. We ended it with one, but new beginnings deserve another toast. Gift a wine basket to your ladies who’ve been through tough times and are tougher than the paths they weathered.

2. Beer Gift Basket


The same goes for the guys and gents who conquered 2020 like the bosses that they are. How about a beer basket or any of their favorite drinks from our catalog? A small celebration with their closest ones to look back on in 2020 will definitely brace them for 2021.

3. Spa Gift Basket


The start of the year suggests newness and resolutions. If you’d been through a lot last year, it makes sense to be easy on yourself from here on. It’s nice to know when to carry on and when to relax and simmer down. Gift this spa basket to yourself because you deserve it more than anyone in the world.

4. Healthy Gift Basket


In the spirit of self-care, gifting healthy gift baskets or anything that suggests wellness will better prepare your recipient for what 2021 has to offer. Given all that has happened in the past year, we’re all shown how health is indeed wealth. 

5. Italian Dinner Gift Basket


At the end of the day, we all come home. It starts and ends with family. That is why the holidays are about homecomings and reconnecting with our loved ones. However you define family is entirely up to you. It’s who you feel at home with that matters. 

Gift this gourmet basket to a family you want to delight. Or have one for your own family to enjoy – no matter the occasion. Remember, gift-giving is timeless. So be it the start or end of 2021, you always have the magic to brighten someone’s day – or perhaps someone else’s life. Happy new year! ?

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