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Empowering Gifts for Women’s Month

Women's Month Banner

March is Women’s Month — a glorious time to raise our glasses to equality, history-making accomplishments, and the powerful force of women across the globe.

It all started in 1908 in NYC when thousands of women arms-raised and marched for the right to vote. Now, this special time of year is when we commemorate the unparalleled impact women have made in history.

Though we never forget about the power of women, this month calls for extra love and support for those who are near and dear to us. To celebrate, we’ve handpicked a selection of delightful gift baskets that will help you spread the message of female empowerment around the world.

 1. Ultimate Golden Godiva Tower


Let this golden tower of velvety Godiva chocolates evoke the feels of a true queen. This includes all women of color, gender, and class – yes, all embodiments and expressions!

Satisfy their chocolate cravings with our dazzling tower bursting with luxurious chocolates for that indulgent, celebratory treat.

2. Deluxe Meat & Cheese Wooden Gift Crate


Only the best for the most powerful women in the world – moms. 

Since they perpetually do all the cooking and prepping in the house, now’s the perfect time to make them feel cared for.

Take them to an indoor picnic or a sweet spot only you know. 

This rustic wooden crate overflowing with gourmet treats will make any mama as happy as when they’re cooking for you.

3. Luxurious Relaxation


2021 is still the year of self-care, and when merged with Women’s Month, spa gift baskets become the ultimate gift.

This is a thoughtful treat you can gift your friends to mark women’s history – that every form of rejuvenation is well-deserved for how much they worked for. 

Send out these exquisite collections of pure lavender relaxation for your loves that need that refreshing glow to recharge them for tomorrow’s hustle.

4. The CEO


We’ve come a long way for women’s rights, and a lot of women CEOs are taking center stage. 

This gift basket for boss ladies is the perfect gift for your special someone to empower them even more or simply appreciate their breakthroughs.

5. Yes Way Rosé Valentine

The name is a revolution in itself. Yes Way Rosé sounds like a woman’s powerful yes to all things feminine.

And no way, Jose – you don’t need a Valentine date to love yourself. You may enjoy this solo and feel beautiful or share it with friends while watching female empowerment flicks!

Women’s Month is a great time to celebrate all the unsung heroines and empower women in your life. 

If you know a strong woman who has constantly beaten the odds, show how much you appreciate her with a simple gift basket that will remind her that she’s a queen.

And if that woman is you, know that we cherish you – not just this month, but all year long.

Happy Women’s Month! ?

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