100+ Gift Baskets to Spread Springtime Cheer

Spring is truly a wonderful reminder that new beginnings are beautiful. Aside from the colorful blooms everywhere, there’s another way to share some springtime lovin’ – and that’s with professionally curated gift baskets! Send a loved one a package of classic favorites that go well with the season and make their day!

Choose from these collections:

Easter Gift Baskets

Spa Gift Baskets

Cheese Gift Baskets

Healthy Gift Baskets

Easter Gift Baskets

Both kids and the young-at-heart will look forward to the annual springtime celebration even more! Excite egg hunt participants with adorable Easter gift baskets stashed with assorted sweets and treats.

Bunny’s Best Easter Gift Basket

The best of springtime goodies for family and friends of all ages is right here! This Easter gift basket is teeming with your classic holiday gourmet treats plus an adorable plush bunny. A fun way to reward this year’s Easter egg hunt winner or a gifting idea for kids!


Simply Easter

Who says kids get all the fun out of Easter? This adorable Easter gift box is filled with the season’s sweet treats – plus a signature chocolate bunny fit for the occasion! Spread springtime cheer to the special women in your life and surprise them with this delightful package.


Easter Gift for Kids

Make your annual egg hunts a bigger hit with this Easter gift basket for kids! The little ones would hop on and get their hands on the yummy assorted goodies and plush toy. Your children, nephews, and nieces are sure to up their game with this at stake!


Egg-stra Special Easter

Start the egg hunt with this fab Easter gift basket filled with assorted goodies and an adorable plush bunny. Kids will especially love the playful colors and yummy treats. It’s also a good buy for the young-at-heart such as yourself!


Plush Bunny

Wake your little ones up to the bright Easter morning with this cute new companion! Hopping with them in their egg hunts for the day and keeping them cozy while munching on their Easter loot, these toys are just waiting to spread springtime fun and joy.


Spring Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Rods – 12 pcs.

Looking for a luscious snack to enjoy over hearty talks and hot tea? Surprise Mom and the most important women in your life with this spring gift basket that’s reminiscent of the season. Drizzled in assorted candies and sweet concoctions, this package also doubles as a fun baby shower treat!


Easter Garden Cookie Bouquet

Wish a loved one a happy Easter with this gourmet cookie bouquet! The women in your life are sure to love every bite of these flower-shaped hand-crafted cookies with their tea while the kids are busy with their egg hunt.


Spring Flower Chocolate-Covered Strawberries – 12 pcs.

Always blooming just like your love, surprise a special lady with these sweet and succulent strawberries dipped in milk, dark, and white Belgian chocolate. Excellent choice for tea time snacks over hearty conversations or during wine nights. Can’t resist them yourself? You can enjoy these beauties too – no judgment here!


Pups Easter Goodies

The Easter Bunny has something for your lovable pooch! This Easter gift basket is filled with yummy gourmet biscuits doggo will surely munch on. The kids won’t have all the fun this year – and you should totally consider sending one of this to the dog owners in your life!


Combo – Sampler Fun Spring Assorment – 15 pcs.

Can’t decide on the treats to give this springtime? How about a little of everything? Indulge Mom or someone special with a combination of treats as fresh as the seasons. This spring gift box is also good as baby shower desserts!


Simply Easter Care Package

This Easter gift box is waiting to be welcomed into the homes of family and friends this springtime! Elegantly filled with delicious seasonal treats, both kids and the young-at-heart will certainly nibble their way through the goodies inside. How about sending one to family and friends to spread joy?


Happy Easter Pail

Fill your spirits with springtime joy this Easter with the delectable contents of this Easter gift! Family and friends of all ages will certainly enjoy the treats and plush toy that come with it. Perfect as a prize for those annual egg hunts or as a form of well-wishes to loved ones!


Classy Dog & Owner Easter Gift

Chocolate Easter eggs are a definite no-no for the pooches – so about giving a pet lover and his loyal companion something to bond over during the holiday? This dainty Easter gift basket comes with gourmet goodies not just for your buddy to enjoy; there are also treats for his pups! Family and friends will certainly love to hop around with this!


Hip Hop Easter Gift

Hopping good times coming your way and it’s got some delicious nibbles with it! This adorable Easter gift basket is filled up with pure holiday joy, sweets, and a cute bunny plush. Surprise the kids closest to your heart or reward them after completing the egg hunt!


Peter Cottontail Treats

Your little ones will definitely love to have a bunny buddy this Easter! Peter Cottontail comes with his own adorable Easter gift basket. Inside this are Easter eggs filled with yummy treats to make the springtime cheer more memorable. How about making this a giveaway to all your egg hunt participants?


Easter Dog Treats Gift

Here’s something for your loved ones’ furry friends: an Easter gift box for dogs! They’ll surely roll over and do more tricks at a whiff of the gourmet treats they’d munch on over your annual egg hunts. Also comes with a cute plush for them to play with!


Easter Chocolate-Dipped Cake Pops – 10 pcs.

Get those bunny ears up and send these hand-dipped cake pops for a hopping good time! Your Easter celebrations are in for an added treat with luscious milk, dark, and white Belgian chocolates and spring-themed drizzles. Can’t resist the contents of this delicious Easter gift box? You can have one just for you – you deserve it!


Early Easter Morning

Holiday mornings are made more fun for kids and the young-at-heart with this Easter gift basket! Filled with an assortment of gourmet confections and a keepsake toy, your annual Easter egg hunts will be all the more treasured with this prize in sight!


Easter Barks and Wags Dog Gift

Get some pups a howlin’ time with this gift box of holiday-themed goodies! The Easter Bunny does reward good doggos, and each bite of these gourmet treats are worth celebrating the season for. Pet owners will definitely appreciate this thoughtful gift!


Bee Cookie Bouquet

Buzz into the hearts of the lovely women in your life with this adorable bee-themed bouquet! These scrumptious, certified kosher cookies give off the feeling of spring – perfect for Mother’s Day, Easter, and even occasions when you just want to make that special lady loved.


Cotton Tails Candy Bouquet

Bring springtime cheer to the ladies in your life with this pretty Easter candy bouquet! Filled with the classic favorites like M&M’s and Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, family and friends of all ages are sure to get into the hopping good time the season brings!


Bunny Treats for Dogs

Hop your way to doggo’s heart even more with the delicious treats in this Easter gift basket! Any canine friend of yours is sure to love the gourmet biscuits in this adorable package. Sure, he can’t enjoy the Easter candy loot but he can definitely munch his way through these goodies! Perfect gift idea for your loved ones’ pooches too.


Dog Gone Cute Easter Dog Gift

Pooches will be wagging their tails a lot when they sniff these in their Easter basket! Surprise a proud fur mommy or daddy with this Easter gift box for their doggos filled with treats. The Easter Bunny truly rewards good boys and girls!


Ultimate Mini Donuts – 12 pcs.

Something colorful comes your loved ones’ way! Excite both kids and the young-at-heart with luscious mini donuts that make as awesome desserts for any occasion. Family, friends, and even business associates will surely appreciate this sweet gesture over holidays, birthdays, and other memorable celebrations.


Bunny Treats for Dog & Owner

Aside from kids and the young-at-heart like you, you know who else loves Easter? Doggos! Bring springtime cheer to the pet lovers in your life with this Easter gift basket filled with delicious treats both owner and fur baby will definitely enjoy. Have a hopping good time for yourself and your pooch too!


Celebration Chocolate Covered Strawberries – 12 pcs.

Something sweet, guilt-free, and celebratory? This gift box isn’t just for kids’ birthday parties – it’s perfect for any occasion even for the young-at-heart. Sweeten up any holiday feast with these delectable desserts that are good enough to enjoy by yourself!


Country Charm Dog & Owner Gift

Quaint and lovely just like the countryside, this gift basket for dogs and their owners is lovable for any occasion! Springtime visits, birthdays, holidays, and other milestones in life are worth celebrating with every bite of scrumptious cookies and gourmet bites for both pup and parent.


Home Style Soup Gift

Something humble from your home to another – this gift box is filled with hearty comfort food family and friends can enjoy together over the holidays or during simple dinners. Bond over signature coffee, candies, classic chicken & pasta soup, and some old-fashioned peanuts.


Bunny Nibbles Easter Basket

Ears and cottontails up for folks of all ages with this dainty Easter gift basket! Assorted delicious candies and treats fill up this package – perfect for your annual egg hunts! Also comes with an adorable huggable bunny to cuddle up with during the celebration.


Easter Chocolate-Covered Strawberries – 12 pcs.

12 premium strawberries are hand-dipped in Belgian Dark, White, and Milk chocolates by our Artisans. Each strawberry is artfully decorated with Easter candies and drizzles. Arrives in an elegant gift box.  Hand crafted by small batch Artisans in a Gourmet Kitchen. Since these are hand made, no two will be exactly the same.


Blue Party Snacker

A little bit of everything! A perfect office share gift or for any occasion really this gift holds a variety of savory items for a crunchy, gourmet experience.


Combo – 6 Spring Strawberries & 6 Spring Oreo Pops – 12 pcs.

Treat Mom to the heavenly goodness of this elegant, spring-themed gift box! Any woman would love the luscious chocolate-flavored berries and cookies drizzled to perfection with floral candies. What a pretty addition to her celebration table!


The Pirates Treasure Box

Bring a young matie to an adventure across the seas with a themed gift basket for kids! It’s a real treasure trove in here – coloring books, crayons, popcorn, trail mix, gummy anchors, pirate beverages, and other arrr-some treats. You’ll be well adored by your kids, nephews, and godchildren because of these gems!


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Spa Gift Baskets

Sometimes, what women need is just a break from life’s hustle and bustle. With these pamper packages, you can treat a special lady to a spa day she can experience even at home. What a perfect way to kickstart spring!

Pure Relaxation

Take the important women in your life on a getaway with this spa gift basket! Let the sweet essences of bergamot, mandarin, white florals, and sandalwood calm her body and refresh her mind. This care package makes for a thoughtful present for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and other occasions when you would like to make someone feel special.


Mini Burts Bees Relaxation

Let a loved one take relaxation day essentials during their travels! This spa gift basket comes with a hand cream, cuticle cream, foot cream, and lip balm – all therapeutic and sized for the person on-the-go! Great as a thank-you present or a care package to that special someone.


Mini Beach Tray

Bring the soothing scents of sun and waves to a special woman! Filled with Ocean Pur collection, this spa gift basket can take any lady on that much-needed getaway, even at the comfort of her own home. Great as a pamper kit for a quick getaway, a thank-you present, or a care package!


Lavendar Everything

Take your lady to a relaxing getaway with this spa gift basket! She will be pampered with the invigorating scents of springtime infused in bath products, soothing tea, relaxing candles, and other me time essentials. Send this care package to the women closest to your heart on any or no occasion!


Ocean Pur Spa

Treat a woman to a relaxing getaway with scents that will remind her of the beach life. This spa gift basket features calming essentials by Ocean Pur which any lady can use for a soothing pamper time even at the comfort of her own home. She deserves this any day!


Sicily Spa

Get your woman out to Italy with this spa gift basket of soothing scents to rejuvenate her senses after a long day. To remember her birthday, your anniversary, or a special day in her life, help her relax with the refreshing drink the comes with this pamper set!


Mini Tahiti Spa Gift Basket

Send someone on a summer getaway all-year round with this spa gift basket of Tahitian scents! Have that special woman pack exfoliating soap, invigorating lotion, and washcloth for her pamper session – even at the comfort of her own home! Mom, the wife, or any of the ladies close to your heart are sure to appreciate this on days when you want to show how much you care about their me time!


Hello Beach

Bring the sun, sea, and waves to a woman who truly deserves a getaway! This spa gift basket is packed with soothing essentials with hints of ocean scents to calm her nerves and renew her mind. Great pick for birthdays, anniversaries, thank-you presents, and even for sweet gestures she’ll be grateful for!


The Lavendar Experience

Take your lady to a relaxing getaway with this spa gift basket! She will be pampered with the invigorating scents of springtime infused in bath products, soothing tea, relaxing candles, and other me time essentials. Send this care package to the women closest to your heart on any or no occasion!


Vera Bradley Ladies Set

Four different scents await the woman you want to surprise on her special day! From Vera Bradley comes eau de toilette samplers to freshen up ladies at any time of the day – all packaged in an elegant mini summer purse.


The Beach Bag

Your special woman totally deserves a sweet time under the sun! With this spa gift, pamper her to the relaxing aroma of seaside breeze on her skin with lotion and shower gel. Quench her lovely thirst with natural coconut water too! Perfect for birthdays in the summer, welcome presents to tourists, and a gesture of thanks.


Summer Vibes

Send her some lovin’ with this care package she can take to the beach. Lavish her with beauty products, gourmet snacks, and accessories that bring out that summer babe!


Mom’s Birthing Essentials

Nobody deserves a pamper kit more than someone who’s expecting! Before she pops, send her this spa gift basket for mom and lavish her to comforting scents of spring. This comes with a moisturizer to revive parched sensitive skin and other relaxing essentials.


Every Man Jack Pamper Kit

Perfect for the guy whose vanity you support, this gift basket for him contains signature men care products to make him feel taken cared for. Send one as a birthday present, token of appreciation, or just a sweet gesture!


Anchor Away Relaxation

Take that special woman on an island getaway with the refreshing scents in this spa gift basket! Let wifey, mom, or any lady close to your heart feel pampered with soothing aromas reminiscent of the sea for birthdays and important milestones in life.


Bourbon Spa Gift Basket

Lavish your man with premium care products with this spa gift basket for him! Featuring picks from Olivina Men, make him feel like the stud he is for his birthday, your anniversaries, or even just on days when you want to appreciate him. Also a great pick for dad or any man close to your heart.


Under the Sea

Take the beach straight to your woman’s bag! This Ocean Pur package is a relaxing spa gift for the important ladies in your life who is need of a quick getaway. Great choice for a thank-you gift or for any occasion when she deserves some pamper time.


Gardeners Gift Basket

The lovely scents of spring packed in this spa gift basket is sure to help any woman relax! Rejuvenate her senses with soothing pamper products she can use after a long day of work and taking care of the family.


Malibu Heat Spa Gift Basket

Don’t let the scorching heat parch that loved one’s skin! This spa gift basket features Bath & Body Works Malibu Heat collection as a pamper package for the women in your life. Soothing body lotion, refreshing shower gel, and relaxing body wash – getaway essentials indeed!


Havana Nights for Men

Gather your boys for a night out – Havana style! Make a stag party another one for the books with this premium gift basket of Cuba Gold men care products – with chocolate cigars to boot!


Beach Nights

Chill out with your girls for one last night as a bachelorette with this wine gift basket! Freshen up with scents from Bath & Body Works and raise your glasses of pink rose to the next chapter of your life. This care package also works as a spa treat for the special women closest to your heart.


Relax and Chill

Two words that women love to hear after a long day of taking care of the family, work, and everything in between – relax and chill! You can now give both to a special lady with this spa gift basket! Soothing body bar, scented candle, and other pamper essentials would make for a comforting bath. If you feel like you deserve one too, go ahead and have a rejuvenating me time!


Desert Rose Spa

All her favorite pamper essentials can be found in this spa gift basket! Let mom, wifey, or other special women in your life feel relaxed with the invigorating scents of this desert rose collection. Perfect for her me time, birthday, Valentine’s or Mother’s Day, or when she is out on a much-needed break!


Ocean Purity Spa

Send someone on an island getaway – even while at the comfort of their own homes! This spa gift basket comes with bath essentials for a therapeutic and relaxing experience. Great for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, birthdays, and other occasions when you want to remind a special woman that she deserves a soothing pamper session once in a while!


Focus Aromatherapy Spa

Treat a loved one on a relaxing getaway anywhere with this spa gift basket! This focus aromatherapy collection features invigorating shower gel and a moisturizing body lotion for that much-needed pamper session. Also comes with a loofah and mini towel to complete the set. Make Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, special occasions, and even regular days feel like a spa day!

Through the month of December, 10 percent of the proceeds of this basket will go toward supporting survivors of domestic violence at DomesticShelters.org


Mini Spa

Mini everything. Wooden gift crate, a body spray and hand lotion. An all occasion gift.


Coastal Estates

This gift holds a bottle of BV Coastal Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc along with a large variety of beach themed spa items. Relax and enjoy Coastal!


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Cheese Gift Baskets

The fresh spring breeze calls for lovely catch-ups with the people you owe it to. Whether you’re planning for a sophisticated tea time or a casual wine-and-dine, don’t forget to tag along decadent varieties of cheese to match your chosen drinks. These gift baskets also come with other delicious pairings!

The Wine Zone

Get in the zone with family and friends over fine wine! Share glasses Moscato and Pinot Grigio over savory gourmet pairings such as cheese, mixed nuts, wine sticks, and other delights to enjoy while making hearty conversations. Celebrate holidays, birthdays, and special occasions with something festive as this!


Napa Valley Chateau Gift

Nothing warms hearts other than the good company of the people you love over a few glasses of luscious wine pairings. Special wine spread, coffee blends, and classic crackers surround Wine Glacé, the Best New Drink Winner of the National Gourmet Food Show for 2005 and 2006. This wine gift box makes for an elegant personal and professional surprise.


Country Vineyards Gift

Bring sophisticated taste to your family, friends, and colleagues or clients with this wine gift basket filled with decadent pairings! A variety of cheese, classic minestrone soup, and award-winning Wine Glacé – what else could you raise your glasses to?


Grande Wine Dinner

Shower someone with an elegant surprise with this prestigious wine gift basket! Family, friends, colleagues, clients, and the people on your gifting list can sip rich, fine wine from Chateau Ste. Michelle while enjoying decadent wine pairings such as gourmet cheese, crackers, sausages, and other artisan picks. To add more flavor to the occasion, have the recipients enjoy prime pasta-and-sauce choices. Also comes with preparation essentials for the perfect gathering. Make holidays and other intimate celebrations more memorable with this package!


Off the Vine Gift

Let everyone in on your classy tastes with this golden premium gift basket! Filled with decadent wine pairings such as cheese, pastries, classic crackers, and other gourmet picks, wine night with family and friends will be one for the books with the award-winning Wine Glacé! How about sending this to clients and business partners too?


Many Thanks Gift

Emojis can’t express it all. A word of thanks is great, but this Many Thanks Gift Basket will speak volumes of your gratitude. Let this carefully crafted cheese, chocolate, and pastry set fill your recipient’s heart with appreciation – and their taste buds with gastronomic delights!


Italian Flair Gift Basket

This premium gift basket is the celebration staple your loved ones deserve for any occasion! Filled with make-and-bake home-style pizza that’s fun to bond over, a taste of Italy can reach the people closest to your heart just in time for the occasion. Also comes with a cheese bar, a variety of nuts, and a towel set!


Classic Gourmet Gift

Nothing beats the classics – especially gourmet cheese, popcorn, crackers, and snack mixes! The delectable contents in this premium gift basket are available for the indulgence of any recipient you wish, be it for personal or corporate gifting. Loved ones, clients, and even colleagues will find the giver of this elegant package worthy of an appreciation!


Simple Delights Gift

Let someone in on your fancy tastes for gourmet goodness with this premium gift basket. Delicious wine pairings such as cheese, caviar, cookies, salmon, and other artisan picks are perfect for both personal and corporate gifting. One for yourself sounds good too!


Gourmet Taste Gift Basket

Give someone special a taste of your refined choices with this elegant, premium gift basket! Loaded with signature gourmet favorites, this package will surely impress family, friends, business associates, clients, and other intended recipients no matter what the occasion is. Luscious chocolates, decadent cheese, scrumptious cookies, and other artisan picks are excellent choices for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and life’s milestones.


Italian Dinner Tower

Give the gift of a fantastique dinner with this towering Italian beauty! A gourmet gift tower of pasta, sauces, oils, and other artisan essentials look and taste great for any intimate gatherings with the people closest to your heart. Good for both personal and corporate giftings too!


Favorite Gourmet Treats Gift

Any recipient is a VIP when this elegant corporate gift basket lands on their keep! Filled with the fanciest gourmet picks like decadent cheese, smoked almonds, chocolate truffles, toffee caramels, and other artisan flavors. family friends, colleagues, and business associates are in for a premium experience.


Tuxedo Budget Gift

This premium gift basket on a budget is affordable yet sophisticated – perfect for both personal and corporate gifting! It features gourmet pairings such as tomato & basil cheddar cheese, artisan sesame crackers, and mustard. Have one over for wine night, intimate occasions, or even as a token of appreciation.


The Artisan Gourmet

An affordable yet elegant package, let this premium, gourmet gift basket be the fancy of family and friends for special occasions! Featuring the most delectable pairings with wine such as artisan cheese, nuts, flatbread, and other scrumptious picks, it’s also a good idea for corporate giveaways to clients, holiday loot for relatives, or thank you presents to the people closest to you.


Golden Delights Gift

Something classy for the people you care about! This premium gift basket is filled with gourmet picks that will indulge even the most refined palates. Smoked salmon, cheese, caviar, cookies, chocolates – name it – holidays, special occasions, and birthdays will become golden moments with this!


The Artisan Series: Fabuloso

Make any celebration more fabulous by bringing in something that showcases your refined taste. This gourmet gift basket is elegantly laden with savory delights that go well with wine: a taste of Spain with Iberico Salchichon, decadent wine cheese spread, organic sourdough flatbread, candied pecans, and other delectable choices. For night caps and intimate celebrations for both personal and corporate gifting, this got you covered!


Chili & Beer Bread Gift

Have your loved ones chow down some classic chili pairings with this gift basket suitable for all ages. When you do a quick drive to visit the family across state or the kids at college, the hearty mix of beer bread and chili will give the feels of home. Also works as a simple appreciation token to buddies!


Home Sweet Home

Bless someone’s new home with this adorable housewarming gift of classic artisan crackers, olives, summer sausage, and decadent cheese. The proud homeowners will surely love to remember this as one of their many firsts in the fresh abode!


Classic Gift

Your new go-to gift idea versatile for all occasions fits here in this gift box. Signature cheese, cookies, crackers, and other gourmet staples fill this elegant corporate gift basket. Send away to family, friends, business partners, and clients as token of appreciation holiday giveaway.


The Artisan Series: Delectable

Impressive savory goodness comes with the contents of this gourmet gift basket curated especially for your gifting convenience! Indulge the recipients in delectable choices such as sourdough shortbread, signature wine cheese spread, sesame biscuits, mixed nuts, and other promising flavors – pleasing for all occasions!


Wine Country Bountiful Gift Basket

Indulge your family, friends, colleagues, and even clients in the smooth and suave flavors in this premium wine gift basket. The artisan collection features the award-winning Wine Glacé along with gourmet wine cheese, classic crackers, caviar, and other delightful pairings with fine liquor. Cheers to more memorable Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other celebrations!


So Grateful Thank You Gift Basket

Show your gratitude with only the top-shelf selections such as Voss Water, summer sausage, cheese, and pretzels. This thank you gift basket will surely feel rewarding to any recipient – family, friends, and even colleagues and clients!



Thinking of the best way to express your heart-felt gratitude to someone you love? How about this thank you gift basket of delectable gourmet goodies that only aims to please? Decadent cheese, almonds, a variety of cookies, and other artisanal snacks can’t just wait to make any recipient feel rewarded!


Rustic Gourmet

A gourmet gift basket reminiscent of spring and new beginnings is exactly what you can give out for Easter, New Year, holidays, and other special occasions to the women in your life. The artisan selections here such as different cheeses and olive-based products also go well with wine!


Gentlemen’s Choice Gift

Indulge the men closest to your heart with this gift basket for him filled with delectable gourmet goods that any gentleman will fancy. Birthdays, Father’s Day, holidays, different occasions, and even on simple days when he deserves the most delicious picks – this has you covered!


The Party Crate

Get the happenings started when you show up with this crate filled with gourmet food! Delight party hosts and guests with scrumptious artisan selections and bottles of fine wine. Create meaningful mealtime memories during intimate gatherings, holiday dinners, corporate events, and other celebrations with family and friends.


Vineyard Gourmet Wine Themed Gift

Here’s something elegant and gourmet for the people closest to your heart – this premium gift basket of scrumptious wine pairings will be any occasion’s delight! Gather your family and friends near the fireplace and enjoy exchanging stories over glasses of award-winning Wine Glacé and bites of caviar, wine cheese, biscuits, and other picks. You can also opt to impress bosses, clients, and colleagues with such a refined taste in gifts!


Personal Wine & Cheese Break

Enjoy a bottle of Chardonnay with cabernet sauvignon cheese spread, cheese crisps, crackers and a few accessories.


You Had Me at Merlot

Here’s a lovely idea for date nights, intimate gatherings, and special occasions – a wine gift basket featuring bottles of Merlot and Cabernet and gourmet pasta pairings! Good for both personal and corporate gifting.


The Artisan Series: Sunshine

Brighten up someone’s day and bring the life of any occasion with this gourmet gift basket! Gorgeously arranged in a pristine container are premium apricot scone mix, decadent cheese, glazed mixed nuts, and other savory selections. Go on and celebrate family visits, housewarming parties, birthdays, and other events with this package full of sunshine!


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Healthy Gift Baskets

Give the gift of a healthy start this spring! Inside these gift baskets are guilt-free selections that are still irresistible to eat. Great picks for family visits and other gatherings you have lined up this season.

Be Healthy

Supercharge a loved one’s diet – or even yours – with this lovely healthy gift basket filled with guilt-free snacks! An infusion drink with only 5 calories (sweetened with Stevia), dried fruits, non-GMO gluten-free popcorn, trail mix, peanut butter bar, and dark chocolate bar can make their journey to weight loss deliciously bearable! Also a thoughtful gifting idea for those you are wishing back to good health.


Tea Break

What a lovely way to express you deserve a calming break with this tea and candle gift set. Send this to tea connoisseurs, busy moms, your granma who always misses you, and friends who need a pause button in their life. Twine?s candle holder from an upcycled wine bottle adds a compassionate touch as well.


The Artisan Series: Olivia

Your mom, wife, or any woman close to your heart will find this package endearing! Let this gift basket for women of olive products wish her good health and offer your well-wishes.


Personal Get Well

Comfort a loved one and wish them back to good health with this get well gift basket filled with nutritious choices. Guilt-free gourmet goodies such as organic candies, fig bar, and signature tea offer a soothing feeling to anyone who is in recovery. Also comes with a medicated lip balm and tissues. Don’t forget to bring one with you on hospital or home visits!


Oh Hello!

Thinking of guilt-free giveaways for your next big event? The apricot-based products in this gourmet gift is easily indulgent to any recipient. These also make for adorable thank-you presents and care packages!


The Artisan Series: Selecta

Give that special someone a taste of delicacies from different parts of the world! Premium chips from Spain, artisan nuts from Napa, BLT dip mix, and other exquisite flavors are packed in this gourmet food gift box. The sleek package also comes with a dish towel, cutting board, and ceramic dish. Birthdays, holidays, and other occasions can’t get any fancier with this!


Mini Tea Gift

There are a lot of ways to say ‘thank you,’ but this tea gift set is a unique way to do it! Packed with soothing bags of tea to help anyone relax, this classic gift is good for both personal and corporate giveaways.


But First, Tea

Any day can be a spa day when you give this relaxing package to the special women in your life! This spa gift basket comes with soothing teas from Taylor’s and shortbread cookies from the Rustic Bakery, as well as accessories like a self-infusing tea pot! For visiting mom, spoiling the wife, surprising grandma, or maybe just enjoying a calming me time.


Artisan Makers

Now here’s a gourmet gift basket for any occasion! Filled with artisan finds such as dips, seeds, and other delectable and savory treats that go well with wine, tag this along for family gatherings, holidays, and even on drinking night with your buddies. Also doubles as a curated giveaway for clients, business partners, and stakeholders!


Bright and Cheery Day – Kosher

Surprise the health nut in your life with this gluten-free, all-natural, and sinless indulgence. Did we say it?s also kosher? Our Bright and Cheery Day gift box has everything a clean eater daydreams for their treat day ? the only difference is this is guilt-free!


Healing Basket

A gift of healing – a simple one. Wild Botanicals healing products are placed in this darling wire basket.


Relaxing Tea

A simple gift for any occasion. Our relax mug holds “Toes in the Sand” tea from Beach House Teas.


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How’s the hunt for spring gifts going? We also have delicious candy and cookies collections in case you know someone who’d like those!

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